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+ - Swiftkey coming to IOS from September 18

Submitted by lyricsden
lyricsden (3765229) writes "Swiftkey has announced that their keyboard will be releasing on to the apple on September 18. Swift key has very intriguing features.
When it launches on the 17th, Swiftkey will support English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. When it launches on the 17th, SwiftKey will support English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish."

+ - So You Want The Truth About Ukraine?->

Submitted by theangloamerican
theangloamerican (1248720) writes "This was a government manipulating its citizens with tools straight out of the pages of the Third Reich. “If you are not for us, you are against us” pretty much closes down rational argument.

Now we find US intelligence officers were closed down like the rest of us as the US Government politicised intelligence. But perhaps equally alarming is that this politicisation of intelligence continues today in government under a completely different administration."

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+ - SPAM: PayPal Here - Smartphone POS Review

Submitted by blakek
blakek (3813223) writes "PayPal created a revolution when it was founded back in 1998 with the intent to provide a way for anyone to send money to anyone on the face of this planet electronically with the power of the Internet. It was a very powerful idea since most of the world was still using money orders, cheques and paper cash to transfer funds. PayPal’s success mainly lies in the constant evolution and tinkering of its business model. With more than 148 million active users world-wide, PayPal is the true champion among its competitors. PayPal can also take credit for coming up a lot of new ideas and innovation in the field. However, PayPal didn't take the plunge into the mobile POS industry soon enough. It was inevitable, but it took a while for them to launch their own POS system for merchants. Even some of the new players in the industry mainly depended on PayPal to receive payments in their application. With the release of the new Mobile POS system, PayPal Here, business owners can leverage the power, trust and popularity of PayPal to make the whole billing and transaction process simple and acquire more customers.

How it work?

It just works like any other point of sale system out there. All you need to do is download their application and register with them for a card reader and PayPal Here Chip. The card reader connects to your mobile device by means of Bluetooth. Any type of small business can make use of this service which is easy to implement and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Payments on the go

As we mentioned earlier it is suited for any kind of business or venue, be it a parlour, restaurant, convenience store, bar, etc. However since all you need are a mobile phone and a handy card reader provided to you by PayPal, this seems like a great service for mobile businesses. Do you run a food delivery service or would like to provide your customers the opportunity to make payment during delivery with their card or mobile phone – this could be a wonderful option for you.

Platforms supported

The PayPal Here application is currently available for Android and iOS. You need to have iPhone 3GS or later or iPad running iOS 5 or later. Sadly though, there isn’t a version of PayPal Here specifically optimized for Android tablets for now. Your Android device needs to be running Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or higher; should have a 3.5mm headphone jack with mic, and location services should be supported.


The upfront cost varies depending up on the country you live in. For instance, businesses in Australia could pay $139 for the hardware and pay 1.95% for every single transaction and there is no monthly fee. However in the U.K., one has to pay 70 pounds for the card reader and the chip – you will be charged 2.75% fee using the PIN and Chip method and more than 3% for magnetic stripe swipe or manual entry of details, which we think is a bit high especially for high volume businesses. Al least there is no monthly recurring service fee. So depending on your company, take a look at the charges and choose the mobile point of sale system that works for you and you customers.

Account limitation

Even though PayPal is extremely popular and a preferred method to send and receive payments. It has also got a bad rap for limiting / freezing accounts until the issue is resolved. And resolving an issue could take time. When PayPal Here was launched in the UK, many users complained about frozen accounts. So if you are willing to use PayPal Here, don’t throw away your old card reader and cash register yet. You still need a backup, just in case.

  • PayPal is quite familiar.
  • Can integrate a myriad of transaction methods along with PayPal Chip and Pin like, swipe, cash, PayPal (duh!), manual entry, eBay and even cheque.
  • Simple to use.
  • Low overhead.


  • Transaction fee is a bit high compared to conventional card readers.
  • It could be a pain interacting with customer service if your account ever gets frozen/limited.

+ - SPAM: pros and cons of solar power

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Of course, there are also a number of repercussions especially for the person who does not research much about the gadgets."
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+ - FAA Scans the Internet For Drone Users; Sends Cease and Desist Letters->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The FAA has released a set of cease and desist letters sent in 2012 and 2013 to people operating drone vehicles for a variety of purposes including: tornado research, inspecting gas well stacks, aerial photography, journalism education, and other purposes. Drone cease and desist letters sent during 2014 are available from the FAA upon request."
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Google News Sci Tech: Silicon Valley fights order to pay bigger settlement in tech talent hiring case ->

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Silicon Valley fights order to pay bigger settlement in tech talent hiring case
Worcester Telegram
Last month, a federal judge ordered four leading tech companies to come up with more money to settle a class-action lawsuit that accuses them of conspiring against their own employees. But Thursday, the companies challenged the ruling, saying the judge...
Four Technology Companies appeal Judge's Rejection of a $324.5 Million ... Uncover California
Blasting Koh, Defense Asks Ninth Circuit to Restore 'No-Poach' DealThe Recorder
Apple, Google Appeal Hiring Settlement, Accuse Judge Koh of Making MistakeThe Mac Observer
Washington Post-Madame Noire
all 171 news articles

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+ - Home Security Cameras 1

Submitted by Insipid Trunculance
Insipid Trunculance (526362) writes "Having been burgled recently , I have been shocked out of my complacency and going all the way to secure my home. I am happy with the quote for the burglar alarm and going ahead ; I am not satisfied with the camera setup they have proposed , essentially its an old style cctv setup with a very clunky web accessible capability. What I have decided to have is Day/Night capable IP cameras which can email/text me whenever they detect motion. I didn't want to particularly setup a dedicated PC to record the video , so direct recording to a NAS and/or inbuilt storage is a requirement. I have been amazed at the number or solutions and the variability in their quality. What setup do fellow slashdotters have?"

+ - SPAM: Russian gang has stolen largest collection of credentials in history of internet

Submitted by socialmux
socialmux (3776919) writes "A Russian gang of hackers has stolen 4.5 billion username and password combinations those belong to almost 1.2 billion people including and more than 500 million email addresses. The records include confidential material gathered from 420,000 websites, ranging from household names to small Internet sites. It's funny how a group of criminals sitting in southern Russia can break in almost half of the internet and nobody came to know about it. Read more @Link"
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+ - Twitch Shuts Down, Google Acquisition To Blame?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Twitch today announced that the website, mobile apps, and APIs are no longer in service. A very simple explanation is given for the shutdown: since rebranding the company to Twitch Interactive in February 2014, all resources are now focused on The news today will almost certainly further fuel the rumors that Google is acquiring, or has already acquired, Twitch. Purchases are often followed by consolidation, as well as cutting off any excess limbs."

+ - Google Play Store Now Allows App Refunds Within 2 Hours Instead of 15 Minutes->

Submitted by TechFeasta
TechFeasta (3773793) writes "Sometimes we mistake the description and purchase the App which doesn’t satisfy us. Has same happens with you?
Google play use to allows app refunds within 15 Minutes, For the convenience of users Google has reportedly but not officially increased the time to 2 Hours. Users can now ask for App refunds within 2 Hours of purchasing a paid app and game"

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+ - Gang Amasses Over a Billion Internet Passwords->

Submitted by rotorbudd
rotorbudd (1242864) writes "The New York Times reports that Hold Security has discovered that a Russian crime ring has amassed over a billion unique records.

" A Russian crime ring has amassed the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials, including 1.2 billion user name and password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses, security researchers say.""

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+ - Battery-free Wi-Fi connectivity could fuel 'Internet of Things'->

Submitted by vinces99
vinces99 (2792707) writes "Imagine a world in which your wristwatch or other wearable device communicates directly with your online profiles, storing information about your daily activities where you can best access it – all without requiring batteries. Or, battery-free sensors embedded around your home that could track minute-by-minute temperature changes and send that information to your thermostat to help conserve energy. This not-so-distant “Internet of Things” reality would extend connectivity to perhaps billions of devices. Sensors could be embedded in everyday objects to help monitor and track everything from the structural safety of bridges to the health of your heart. But having a way to cheaply power and connect these devices to the Internet has kept this from taking off.

Now, University of Washington engineers have designed a new communication system that uses radio frequency signals as a power source and reuses existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide Internet connectivity to these devices. Called Wi-Fi backscatter, this technology is the first that can connect battery-free devices to Wi-Fi infrastructure. The researchers will publish their results at the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Data Communication‘s annual conference this month in Chicago. The team also plans to start a company based on the technology."

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