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+ - Chemical weapons found in Iraq were covered up by the US

Submitted by mr_mischief
mr_mischief (456295) writes "Multiple sources report that the US found remnants of WMD programs, namely chemical weapons, in Iraq after all. Many US soldiers were injured by them, in fact.

Why the cover-up, when so many people were making it a point to say there were no WMD? Was it to keep morale up? Was it out of embarrassment that many of these weapons were developed with Western help? Was it because these were older weapons not actively being produced? Maybe it's because the US troops did not follow international protocols to secure and properly dispose of the weapons.

Well, whatever the reason, it's a bad thing. If there are any of these caches under ISIL control it could be a very bad thing."

Comment: Re:HAZMAT Theater Coming To The Airport Nearest Yo (Score 1) 478

by rotorbudd (#48115537) Attached to: The CDC Is Carefully Controlling How Scared You Are About Ebola

There's a simple way of dealing with that. Don't be a racist nut job. Have actual valid reasons for your positions and keep the outrage to a reasonable level.

Coming from a person of color, far too often accusations of racism are used to silence legitimate dissent and debate.

Having valid reason and articulable concerns will not be enough to protect anyone from charges of racism.

We shouldn't be allowing anyone to enter this country if they have been to a country with an outbreak of any hemorrhagic disease in the past 90 days. For now, that means certain west African nations. The people in Zambia are every bit as black as the ones in Liberia and THEY aren't letting Liberians in.

Obama himself isn't a lefty, he's a moderate right politician. It's just the racism that blinds so many right wing nutjobs to what Obama is actually doing.

Depends on your politics. If you're an anti-war lefty, there's not much difference between Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush or Reagan.
If you're a small government righty, again, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Reagan aren't much different.

Me, I'm a fiscal moderate and a social conservative. There are lightyears between Obama and Bush, from my perspective.



Comment: It Was Windows Fault (Score 1) 80

by rotorbudd (#47946871) Attached to: Home Depot Says Breach Affected 56 Million Cards

"The retailer left its computers vulnerable by switching off Symantecâ(TM)s Network Threat Protection (NTP) firewall in favor of one packaged with Windows. âoeIt is highly advised and recommended the NTP Firewall component be deployed and that Windows Firewall be discontinued,â the report states."

See, wasn't that easy?

+ - Swiftkey coming to IOS from September 18

Submitted by lyricsden
lyricsden (3765229) writes "Swiftkey has announced that their keyboard will be releasing on to the apple on September 18. Swift key has very intriguing features.
When it launches on the 17th, Swiftkey will support English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. When it launches on the 17th, SwiftKey will support English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish."

+ - So You Want The Truth About Ukraine?->

Submitted by theangloamerican
theangloamerican (1248720) writes "This was a government manipulating its citizens with tools straight out of the pages of the Third Reich. “If you are not for us, you are against us” pretty much closes down rational argument.

Now we find US intelligence officers were closed down like the rest of us as the US Government politicised intelligence. But perhaps equally alarming is that this politicisation of intelligence continues today in government under a completely different administration."

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