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Comment Re:Ubuntu _is_ primarily a desktop OS... (Score 4, Informative) 167

It's almost as bloated with junk as the desktop version. I've been telling our developers to use debian over ubuntu. A base minimal container with Debian is under a 100 megs. With Ubuntu it's close to 700 megs. There's just too much stuff included by default. That means a whole bunch of things that could be potential security problems. Sure, you have to set up more in the Dockerfile since so little is included, but I consider that a feature, not a bug.

Comment Re: Good point, but Uber is a bad example (Score 1) 432

A star trek economy only works when you have "anything on demand" (replicators). Money becomes obsolete when there is no need to buy anything. Automation and no money would put all the power into very few hands. Basically, communism take to an unimaginable extreme. That isn't a good thing.

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