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User Journal

Journal: First Friend First Foe

Journal by rossifer

In fiddling around my account a week or two ago, imagine my surprise when I found out that I had Slashdot fans! Twelve of them, to be exact. I like to think I put some effort into most of my postings, but I never considered that other people might like them enough to "keep an eye on me" as it were...

So today, I added my first foe and my first friend. After finding someone who is apparently proud of his racism, I finally started my own list and marked this nimrod. But not wanting to only have a negative vibe in these lists, I figured I would also find someone to put into the friend category. But who to put?

I glanced at the list of people who've called me friend, and one name popped out. NineNine. I remembered that name from some other postings and though my memory was failing to help me with any detail, the impressions I had were positive. Quick glance at the last 25 postings, and he slammed MySQL and grudgingly gave Microsoft credit where credit is due (Windows 2000 doesn't suck). Not really sufficient good karma to balance for the racist nimrod, but good enough for now.

And if you got this far without being NineNine, well I hope you're not at work :)


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