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Comment Re: And we care because...why? (Score 1) 201

Hey, lets do what we've done to men in the basic education areas.

We've tilted the system so much, that now, a major majority of college students are now women...we've swung the pendulum so far, that now, it is men that are in danger of not being fairly represented in the upper education system students and grads, it will follow that men will soon likely be left behind in the IT and other tech fields.

While boosting women, it seems that we've also been hurting young men's chances at these fields they used to flourish in.

More and more of our young men are now being forgotten as important too. The idea of Political Correctness and the pushing of women in areas of education have not just promoted women, but they have seemingly actively gone to push men's numbers down in these ranks.

Comment Re:No hyperbole? (Score 1) 64

Certainly would promote responsible speech (or at least greater caution)

Are you seriously thinking that THAT is something we need?

Right now, people are getting too scared to say much of anything which is the direct opposite of what we need.

We need lots of speech, we need more speech that you and others may disagree with....

If we keep getting fearful or overthinking what we say...eventually nothing useful gets said anymore.

"Responsible" speech...WTF is that anyway?

Comment Re:Stewardess, I Speak Jive (Score 1) 64


And the thing that made it even funnier, the old lady that said "Hey, I speak jive"..was the lady that played June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver, about the whitest lady you could find at the time!!, I bet in today's ultra PC society, you'd never get a movie like Airplane made again.

There's lots of great movies that likely could not be made today. I don't think Fast Times at Ridgemont High could get made today since it portrayed underage teen sex....

Comment Re: Sounds like (Score 3, Informative) 93

And as an old acquaintance of men did, he gave his wife controlling interest of his company so that he could bid as a minority owned business. Coupled with his political connections - it's good to donate to polÃftical candidates - he's doing quite well.

Yep, that's how it works.

Basically, "Two White Guys, Inc" will not be even considered for a federal govt contract, and really most state and local ones either.

So, what you do is partner with (and giving 51%) an established minority owned company (if it is a female minority owner, you have hit the jackpot)...or you do like you suggested and make your own company in your wife's'd just better trust her.

But anyway, you submit as a female/minority owned contractor, and with the larger contracts you are basically just the front end for a larger company that wouldn't qualify, like Lockheed or that level....and apply for the contract.

Once the contract is awarded, you usually go through a couple of cycles of the losers suing to block it and the govt has to review its proceedings, etc...and finally it gets awarded....lather, rinse repeat.

And there you have it..that is how things are done in the Fed Govt. contracting world.

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