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Comment: Re:Requires Sharepoint Server? (Score 1) 495

by rosewood (#15389294) Attached to: Visual Tour of Office 2007 Beta 2
Also, multiple calendars have been available in Outlook for ages. Multiple calendar viewing has been available since 2003 as well. Not the best summary in the world. It doesn't even mention where you can download the beta! That way you can just see for yourself! ebeta.mspx -- but if the server is busy...

Product Keys:
Microsoft? Office Professional Plus 2007: MTP6Q-D868F-448FG-B6MG7-3DBKT O12B/PRO/AKAMAIFILES/OPPLUS-EN.EXE

Microsoft? Office Visio? Professional 2007: QB6MH-Q82HX-BFWPK-8TXTY-HHJT6 O12B/PRO/AKAMAIFILES/OVP-EN.EXE

Microsoft? Office Outlook? 2007 with Business Contact Manager: Not Applicable O12B/PRO/AKAMAIFILES/BCM-EN.EXE

Microsoft? Office Project Server 2007: BWPMX-XY8XF-KGBQ6-XKT8R-GHXD3 O12B/PRO/AKAMAIFILES/OPS-EN.IMG

Microsoft? Office Project Professional 2007: GP24P-FC3DP-HXY7Q-YG3JR-J4G3G O12B/PRO/AKAMAIFILES/OPP-EN.EXE

Microsoft? Office Groove? 2007: R83W8-GJQ82-GJ378-XQW9W-JBYKT O12B/PRO/AKAMAIFILES/OG-EN.EXE

Microsoft? Office Groove? Server 2007: PGT8R-VBMBC-6V7GY-TW3HT-8FP36 O12B/PRO/AKAMAIFILES/OGS-EN.IMG


Microsoft? Office SharePoint? Designer 2007: VQCR8-6KP8Q-Y2FTW-3YQD7-R22G6 O12B/PRO/AKAMAIFILES/SPD-EN.EXE

Microsoft? Office SharePoint? Server 2007 - Enterprise: FDJDK-66WCT-2HD9C-4TY63-38C4G O12B/PRO/AKAMAIFILES/SPS32-EN.IMG

Microsoft? Office SharePoint? Server 2007 - Enterprise(x64): FDJDK-66WCT-2HD9C-4TY63-38C4G O12B/PRO/AKAMAIFILES/SPS64-EN.IMG

Microsoft? Office Forms Server 2007: FDJDK-66WCT-2HD9C-4TY63-38C4G O12B/PRO/AKAMAIFILES/OFS32-EN.IMG

Microsoft? Office Forms Server 2007 (x64): FDJDK-66WCT-2HD9C-4TY63-38C4G O12B/PRO/AKAMAIFILES/OFS64-EN.IMG

PIN Scandal 'Worst Hack Ever' 365

Posted by Zonk
from the cue-comic-book-guy-voice dept.
QuietLagoon writes "The evolving Citibank PIN scandal is getting worse with each passing day. Gregg Keizer of TechWeb News writes: 'The unfolding debit card scam that rocked Citibank this week is far from over, an analyst said Thursday as she called this first-time-ever mass theft of PINs 'the worst consumer scam to date.' ... The that retailers improperly store PIN numbers after they've been entered, rather than erase them at the PIN-entering pad. Worse, the keys to decrypt the PIN blocks are often stored on the same network as the PINs themselves, making a single successful hack a potential goldmine for criminals: they get the PIN data and the key to read it.'"
User Journal

Journal: Slashdot readers are idiots (me too)

Journal by rosewood

Okay, so there was this article that was picked up by a blog that was picked up by digg that was picked up by slashdot. Whew that was a log of pass arounds.

Anyways, it was about how most people don't know whats up when it comes to HDTV. They plug their shit in and expect it to work. I told of my salon where this is a problem. Then the confusion comes in... am I male? am I female? Why would I have my nails done? Why do I go to a salon?

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