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Comment: Relevant joke (Score 1) 800

Truck drives into an open market an kills 30 people. Truck driver answer to the judge: "there was a pregnant woman and an old man on the road, I had to pick which one to hit. I picked the old man". Judge asks, "but you drived into the open market and killed 30". Driver says, "old man ran into the market, I had no choice."

Comment: Re:Homeopothy ... (Score 1) 173

by rosencreuz (#46601249) Attached to: Homeopathic Remedies Recalled For Containing Real Medicine
You are missing the fundamental point of homeopathy: it provides personal solutions to personal problems. Therefore it cannot be scientific and you cannot apply same solution to everyone. Homeopathy doesn't have repeatable solutions, i.e. if a solution works for someone for some problem, it doesn't mean it will work for everyone (or even for the same person later again). Therefore you cannot apply scientific logic on it. You have to accept it will work on you, because otherwise it will not. So your idea about curing everyone altogether doesn't make any sense.

Comment: Re:old news (Score 1) 74

by rosencreuz (#45682891) Attached to: Hubble Discovers Water Plumes Over Europa
Enough with this already. There's no single fricking day where scientists doesn't find water somewhere outside earth. no wait, they actually found some evidence that there was water somewhere in the distant past. No single actual water molecule so far. Wake me up when water is really found. btw, i don't remember the origin of the saying but very relevant, human mind is very creative, one can look at frosted glass and see whatever he wants to see.

Comment: Re:and if only the value didn't fluctuate insanely (Score 1) 240

by rosencreuz (#45244451) Attached to: Square Debuts New Email Payment System

Anyone who takes bitcoins for compensation is insane.

Actually, offering payments in other currencies is done because of demand. Fluctuation is something which must be always considered. If a currency has high fluctuations you add a high risk margin on top of your exchange rate to compensate the possible loss because of possible fluctuation. Treasury departments are very aware of this currency trading risks and they can calculate the risk margin very precisely.
tl;dr High fluctuation means higher prices for the customers. Bitcoin as payment currency is not insane at all, if there'll be more demand, everyone will do that.

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