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Comment: Diff (Score 1) 357

by roothog (#46618857) Attached to: An Engineer's Eureka Moment With a GM Flaw

So he identified the vulnerability by diffing the patch against the original? Seems like a pretty obvious investigative step, as in it's one of the first things you'd want to look at if GM isn't telling you what they changed in the ignition switch. Diffing software security patches to identify vulnerable code is standard practice. I guess the GM thing is maybe interesting since it's mechanical hardware, though investigators in things like fraudulent aircraft parts have been diffing hardware for years.


Monopoles and Magnetricity 67

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the one-pole-to-rule-them-all dept.
szotz writes "Although there was once a hint from a cosmic ray experiment (on Valentine's Day, no less), no one's found any solid evidence of monopoles (unpaired north and south magnets) flying around the cosmos. But physicists did find monopole-like quasiparticles in some exotic crystals in 2009. One of the discoverers has an article this month in IEEE Spectrum that looks at how the particles were found and what's happened since. They might seem like a wacky curiosity, but the author says we shouldn't write them off — they might one day make useful new 'magnetronic' devices."

Comment: Re:Wasn't there... (Score 2) 241

by roothog (#40562745) Attached to: San Diego's Fireworks Show Over In 15 Seconds

Welp, I don't normally respond to a cynical mod-down, but I'm dead serious with this one.

So if you're so pissed off by my statement that you feel the need to hit Underrated in the popdown, maybe you're not laid back enough for such recreational activity. :P

"Underrated" means that they were modding you up, not down. The mod down is called "Overrated".

Comment: Re:It's a start (Score 1) 194

by roothog (#40425835) Attached to: Wikipedia As a "War Zone," Rather Than a Collaboration

The simple English Wikipedia doesn't try to simplify scientific concepts any more than the regular English Wikipedia. It just uses basic words chosen from a small vocabulary set (when possible), and simple sentence construction. It's meant as an aid for people learning the English language. It's not going to help you understand complex physics topics like the one you mentioned.

You need to parse the title as "(Simple English) Wikipedia", not as "Simple (English Wikipedia)".

Comment: Re:We'll see (Score 5, Insightful) 712

by roothog (#40370149) Attached to: Microsoft Announces 'Surface' Tablet

Are you surprised? This has been MS's strategy for the better part of a decade. Try to compete on vapor rather than on what's shipping. A competitor announces that they're shipping, say, a new MacBook, and MS will announce that they've got something flashy and new about to come out. When it finally ships two and a half years later, it's a POS nowhere close to what MS claimed it was going to be.

Remember everything that MS said was going to be in Vista?


The $45 Windows Laptop 299

Posted by samzenpus
from the on-the-cheap dept.
YokimaSun writes "The search for a cheap laptop has brought us news from India of a $10 laptop (which later turned out to be a hundred dollars). Today PC Gaming News has details of a laptop which is selling for a measly 45 dollars, what do you get for that, you get a netbook running windows embedded compact 7, 128 megs of ram, a via8505 processor and a 7 inch screen capable of 800x480 pixels resolution." I'm still waiting for my under $50 Macbook.

Ask Slashdot: What To Do With a Math Degree? 416

Posted by timothy
from the how-many-ply? dept.
First time accepted submitter badmojo17 writes "After achieving her lifelong dream of becoming a public school math teacher, my wife has found the profession to be much more frustrating than she ever expected. She could deal with having a group of disrespectful criminals as students if she had competent administrators supporting her, but the sad truth is that her administration causes more problems on a daily basis than her students do. Our question is this: what other professions are open to a bright young woman with a bachelor's degree in math and a master's degree in education? Without further education, what types of positions or companies might be interested in her as an employee?"

Comment: Poseurs (Score 5, Interesting) 241

It's funny how if a group is *actually* powerful, you never see them making claims that they're powerful. Their actions say more than words.

Anonymous are just poseurs. Not only are they poseurs on world-scale power, they're poseurs on computer hacking, all they know how to do is run DoS attacks. They're an embarrassment.

Build a system that even a fool can use and only a fool will want to use it.