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Comment Re:No "morally acceptable" sites? (Score 2) 706

Uh, nope, sorry. The site advertises itself as a place for people wanting to cheat on their spouses to do so. The moral compass being touted here is the moral compass of millions of people who do not do such things. This has nothing to do with a single person looking for a fling.

Those worried about being exposed, frankly, should be. Data security arguments aside.

Comment Best comments of the day (Score 2, Insightful) 1097

This is the best story of the day, comment-wise.

Hatred of conservative Texas, hatred of guns, yet still the absolute intolerance of religion and strict belief in the first amendment all combining into a cognitive dissonance (to use a favorite term around here) that must be blowing people's minds.

I love it.

Comment Re:Law enforcement doing what they should do (Score 1) 254

It does read as a tip or warning until you apply context; If he had inside information about a pending attack and wanted to thwart it, it's more likely he would have been alerting authorities directly.

Rather, he chose to tell the public at large in an ambiguous way using a public channel. Doing so immediately put the suspicion on him directly. And rightly so.

Even if he was "tipping" people in on an attack, his method and words of doing so makes him a casual observer when the attack does go down, amused with an "I told you so" smirk. That makes him an accessory.

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