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Comment Re:Or... (Score 5, Insightful) 233

This. Looks pretty cut and dry to me. I love how everyone gushed all over it when it was announced. Made no sense to me that a business owner would make a decision like that out of the goodness of his heart. I know. I sound like a Scrooge.

But that's how it is. Start your own business so you can be a shot-caller.

Comment Re:I'm glad but only $718,000 is peanuts (Score 1) 138

I have a feeling that repeat offenses will grow the fine, eventually leading to prosecution. I think 3/4m is a pretty good deterrent to others. It's kind of a warning shot to other venues that would do the same. Even in this example: I read most of the linked PDF, and the offender fined here stopped blocking wifi 2 months after the FCC fined Marriott. They were still caught.

Comment Re:Doesn't happen in Europe (Score 1) 246

Here we go again with the country comparisons. With countries only a fraction of the population of the United States. For instance, Canada (per google, 2013): 35.16m. US (per google, 2013): 316.5m. It's a problem of scale. I'm not saying it can't be done, just saying that "they did it for their tiny amount of people" is not good enough.

Comment Re:Dear SJW morons (Score 2) 781

This amuses me, so I'll post it. When I see an acronym, my reading mind actually pronounces the words. So "an SJW" is read as "an social justice warrior" and therefore sounds awful. Maybe this is why people always avoid using an indefinite article with definition-ambiguous acronyms.

Comment Re:No "morally acceptable" sites? (Score 2) 706

Uh, nope, sorry. The site advertises itself as a place for people wanting to cheat on their spouses to do so. The moral compass being touted here is the moral compass of millions of people who do not do such things. This has nothing to do with a single person looking for a fling.

Those worried about being exposed, frankly, should be. Data security arguments aside.

Comment Guns (Score 5, Informative) 337

I don't understand why guns always come up when non-Americans talk about America. I have lived here my entire 30 years, IN THE SOUTH, and have not seen a single gun in public except in the hands of a police officer. I own guns and most of my family do as well. But I've never seen them in public.

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