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Comment: Re:Breaking news! (Score 2) 231

by ronin510 (#35681286) Attached to: Android 3.0 Is Trickling In, But Are the Apps?

BREAKING NEWS: Original iPad launches with 2,000 apps.

Shocking, I know, but Apple announced the iPad project in January 2010. They actually gave developers 4 months to prepare for the April launch. Google could have released the SDK months before the Android 3.0 launch (instead of 2 days), but even they admit Android 3.0 isn't fully finished/polished.


Comment: Re:Marketing (Score 5, Informative) 314

by ronin510 (#31853434) Attached to: Heavy US Demand Delays iPad's Worldwide Release
Here are a few press releases before this press release:

March 5th, UK - End of April launch
March 5th, European release - End of April launch

In a post below you said you'd eat your hat. Can you post that on youtube? Thanks.
Hardware Hacking

Where To Start In DIY Electronics? 301

Posted by Soulskill
from the hold-off-on-the-homebrew-lightsaber dept.
pyrosine writes "I've been thinking about this for a while and have no idea where to start. I have little or no previous experience in electronics — just what is covered in GCSE physics (wiring a plug and resistors — not much, I know). The majority of my interest lies in the wireless communication side of the field — i.e. ham radios and CB — but I am also interested in how many things work, one example being speakers, simply to better understand it. I would preferably like to start with some form of practical guide rather than learning the theory first, but where I would find such a walkthrough eludes me."

Comment: Re:How come developers never do this? (Score 1) 167

by ronin510 (#24756913) Attached to: Google Drops Bluetooth API From Android 1.0

Too many people have an agenda. If [insert Linux fansite] sees that Linux* is only at 5% popularity in a web vote asking what OS is preferred on a notebook, guess what's going to happen? The data can be easily skewed to represent the minority as the majority.

*Linux was just an example. Please be kind.

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