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Comment: Nice that Verison informs people about it. (Score 1) 75

by ron_ivi (#47519741) Attached to: Verizon's Offer: Let Us Track You, Get Free Stuff

This way people will be much more aware of the kind of tracking possible (merging of locations from the phone ; with interestests from what websites you browser; with associates that you call).

I can see a new service coming up similar to a Taxi for your phone..... have someone drive your phone to where you're supposed to be, while you go to where you want to be. And perhaps they can loan you a loaner phone and forward the calls to it.

Comment: Re:Getting good use out of commercial launch tests (Score 1) 49

by ron_ivi (#47517589) Attached to: SpaceX Releases Video of Falcon Rocket's Splashdown

middle manager

I imagine it's hardest on the accountants.

  • Is the cost of those experiments passed on to customers? Overhead? Do the customers get discounts for the dual purpose mission? Would they want discounts but didn't think to ask because they weren't even aware?
  • How is the risk / insurance handled? It the added experiments' components caused a failure, who's insurance pays for it? Is the cost of that insurance passed on to customers?


Comment: Re:Incandescent will be best for the environment. (Score 1) 278

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The existing energy grid is already excellent for energy storage and arbitrage. Energy companies even do stuff like pump water up hydroelectric dams at night when they have a surplus ( ) - so it's win-win for everyone if you give them your solar energy during the day, and take their surplus ( from hydro, nuke, wind, etc) at night.

Comment: Incandescent will be best for the environment. (Score 4, Insightful) 278

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As rooftop solar gets cheaper every year, electricity won't be the biggest environmental impact of lighting.

I already have a number of friends who's rooftop solar panels generate more electricity than they use. Once people reach that point, the biggest impact to the environment will be manufacturing --- either with poisons like mercury in CFL bulbs or with dirty semiconductor fabs and lead on circuit boards for LEDs.

Hard to beat a plain glass globe with a metal wire for clean recyclable environmentally friendly materials.

Comment: Re:Americans don't care (Score 1) 201

make the technology disappear

It's not a matter of making the technology disappear.

It's about using appropriate technologies to keep sensitive data private.

I would hope that every foreign business in the world is now researching encrypted email, VPNs, etc for their corporate communication just to protect their industrial secrets and corporate IP.

And I would hope that US companies now assume that China and Russia are doing similar spying to the NSA -- and therefore are also researching encrypted email, VPNs, etc.

Once such companies do that (and they will - because money), the appropriate technogies will become widespread enough that reasonably encrypted email will trickle down to consumer tools like gmail/hotmal/etc.

And that's what'll re-enstate privacy for the common person.

Comment: Re:What haven't they lied about? (Score 2) 201

Gen. Keith Alexander denied that Snowden could have passed FISA content to journalists

Does that mean that Alexander's kinda a witness to Snowden's innocence in this leak?

If it goes to trial, a NSA director saying it couldn't have been Snowden who leaked this stuff is probably a pretty good alibi.

Comment: Re:Better analogy: (Score 1) 113

people will connect to any open public access point and do all sorts of unencrypted business on it. Just name it "free wifi" or something

Somewhat surprisingly, they didn't (to the best of my knowledge).

That's exactly what I did, covering a reaonsably busy intersection in SF. Maybe back then people were more careful what they did online - but all I ever noticed was light casual use like bring up maps of the area.

Comment: Better analogy: (Score 1) 113

For a better analogy, instead of Ham Radio -- consider that this "using unencrypted wifi == wiretapping" logic makes it really hard to run an open WiFi hotspot.

Back when in lived in SF, I provided free wifi to the coffee shop at the end of my block just for fun. QOS routing meant it didn't interfere with my traffic, and the only thing protecting it was a "please don't abuse this" welcome page.

Now people would be afraid to connect to it, on the grounds that even seeing if an access point welcomes the public could be seen as wiretapping.

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Perl 6 ...

Anyone else miss Perl 3 & 4?

Personally, I think Perl jumped the shark at Perl5.

As a better awk/sed/bash, I think I've never seen a tool as good as Perl4. But then Larry decided it had to one-up C++ in some sort of "what's the worst possible way to glom on some confusing fake-OO-wrapper around a language that's main strenght was being not-OO" contest.

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