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Comment So they had to be INSIDE the car to "hack" it... (Score 1) 262

From TFA: "Mahaffey and Rogers acknowledged that they first had to gain physical access to the Tesla in order to accomplish their hack, requiring a physical connection via Ethernet cable that then allowed them to access the Model S remotely."

In the olden days this was called "hot wiring"...

The point is: all bets are off when one has physical access. Even if they don't "hack" it, they can set it on fire or do anything else.

Comment Re:Every cell phone is a lo-jack... (Score 1) 216

It doesn't have to be used in a crime. All cell phone switch cell towers while you travel... your cell provider it keeps a timestamp log of this switching whether you use your phone or not. If you are suspected of a crime, all they need to do is guess your (plausible) location and see if your phone agrees. If you have an accomplice with a cell phone, he will mirror/intersect the same locations as you... and finding plausible accomplices would be as easy as going through your phone's call/SMS communication records..

Comment Every cell phone is a lo-jack... (Score 1) 216

This should be blatantly obvious to anybody that knows anything about wireless tech.. Your phone carrier MUST know which cell tower you're near, simply because it's required to have your phone work at all.. And it's trivial to keep a log of such connections; some carriers keep it for 30 days, some for 6 months.

My guess is that they're counting on the ignorance of the average criminal to NOT know that fact, which makes the job for the police much easier...

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