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Comment Insane government (Score 1, Insightful) 464 464

reduce the country's reliance on nuclear power from 75% to 50% by 2025.

- ok, stupid but doable.

reducing the country's greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030, compared to the level in 1990.

- ok, by itself it does not mean anything, as it doesn't say how that is supposed to be done. But together with the first statement (reducing nuclear power) looks suspiciously contradictory.

The new law aims to eventually halve France's energy consumption by 2050 from the 2012 level.

- WHAT?????

Ok, unless the goal is to half the population and production by 2050 from the 2012 levels while simultaneously switching to non-nuclear power, that's one thing. But if the goal is also to reduce 'green house gas emissions'...

Explain this to me: half the energy consumption, reduce reliance on nuclear power and at the same time reduce green house emissions.

Unless the real goal there is to reduce population then I have a bridge to sell you.

I also may want a unicorn and a tooth fairy and I can even enact legislation about it but legislation that requires unicorns and tooth fairies to become available to me upon the request by the authorities cannot in fact magically produce unicorns and tooth fairies!

Comment Re:No Foul play... (Score 1) 172 172

Accidental overdose on 5 knives sticking out of his back and chest. Obviously no foul play. A guy tries to run a startup, the startup has crushed for various reasons, then there is the question of lawsuits for hundreds of millions of dollars in supposed damages to music labels. No foul play...

Comment Re:It is a waste of human effort (Score 2, Insightful) 351 351

Do everybody a favour, Google USSR advertising, look at the examples and then stop talking. We had advertising coming out of wazo and it was all completely state sponsored advertising. It was advertising for some products, events, moral ideology etc. The state was also using propaganda to keep people inline. Our newspaper s, such as 'pravda', 'trud' etc., were all propaganda - false advertising by the state to brainwash the entire population of the country. Alternatives were illegal like any other private endeavour. Go ahead, tell me that governments should be in charge of the economies. I am not going to pretend to listen, but will prove you wrong every time.

Comment NSA backup (Score 0, Troll) 75 75

Isn't NSA world's most famous backup solution? Just ask them for the data. 'NSA cloud', now for more than just political prosecution and government oppression and corporate theft (and an occasional viewing of your dick). Backup your data with us! It is also paid by debt and inflation, so you don't even have to pay for the service, you have already paid!

As to /. ..... I have no words, only adjectives left for you.

Comment Re:Privacy Issues (Score 3, Insightful) 294 294

Actually a truly cashless society is the wet dream of every government and central banker since inflation is the most insidious and powerful tax that can be implemented without participation of any IRS and of any citizen whatsoever.

You don't even have to make a tax payment to be taxed with inflation and government doesn't have to bother pretending to have some kind of fiscal policy. The only policy of a 'cashless society' is printing money and the result of that policy is destruction of that society via destruction of its economy.

Comment Re:Very important link left out: the agreement tex (Score 1) 485 485

Hyperinflation is the worst case scenario, just because somebody is smoking doesn't mean they will die from cancer, but they will have serious health consequences. Hyperinflation is cancer that smoker gets, it doesn't mean it's inevitable. I never said hyperinflation is inevitable. I am saying that currency crisis is inevitable. It will either result in a huge spike of interest rates set by the market and the Feds will stand back (fat chance) or it will result in constant pressure by the Feds printing to prevent the huge spike of interest rates, collapsing the currency with very high inflation. Hyperinflation is only one possible outcome of many other horrible outcomes.

As to the stock market - it is in a bubble, so is bond market, which is the largest bubble. However you are so fucking stupid, you don't realise that in case of hyperinflation (or even just very high inflation) the stock market is where money flows to OUT of currency. Everybody is trying to buy something to get out of the inflated currency.

USA is much bigger than Greece, its debts are gigantic compared to Greece, but it is outsourcing its inflation to the rest of the world. The Chinese are printing to absorb inflation created by the USA Fed and Chinese prices are going up. USA is seeing rising prices that is some of its inflation making it back home from around the world, this process accelerates.

Your entire position is that of an idiot, saying that just because the patient is not dead yet, the course he is on is ok.

The smoker doesn't have cancer yet - keep smoking.

You read my previous comment, where I specifically said I do not predict exact timing, only the most likely scenarios based on the course of action that is being taken and you immediately goad me into making a TIME BET? What the fuck is wrong with you, what the brain has completely dried out in that idiotic head of yours?

Oh, and as I said: USSR - 100% occupancy. SO fucking what?

Comment Re:Very important link left out: the agreement tex (Score 1) 485 485

What the fuck are you talking about? My models give predictions that work exactly as they are supposed to, which is why I knew about the coming 2008 collapse, the coming USD collapse and of-course as a result of the USD collapse the coming bond market collapse. My model does not try to predict the exact timing of the collapse, that's impossible.

Your model predicts that if you print more money you will need to print more money, that's all it does.

I lived in Germany for such a long time that I can with absolute certainty tell you that any inefficiency in that economy is only caused by the monetary policy that you espouse - printing money. They absolutely should not print money, the Swiss are showing them how its done. Greeks can never repay their debts and it doesn't matter how much an 'average Greek' is working. You can be 'working' digging ditches and filling them up all you want, which is exactly the model that you espouse, you and other morons like Krugman. Germans can absolutely afford to work fewer hours, as they are very efficient because of the capital that they built up and created the tools that make them so efficient.

You have no idea what productivity is, you have no idea what efficiency means. In the former USSR people were 100% occupied and produced JACK SHIT compared to 'lazy' almost anybody at the time.

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