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by rolfc (#35583844) Attached to: UK ISPs Hatch Plan To Block the Pirate Bay and Other File Sharing Sites
It is a silly system because the copyright laws are made for the 19th century. What happens when people copy is that business is hit, which is fine for me. It is not to support a media industry that is the goal of the copyright laws.

We have now a system for cheap and rapid distribution of digital media, and the problem is that the media industry want to take all the profit from that. The obvious answer to that would be that the market forced them to lower the prices, but it doesnt work. The industry is using their monopoly to raise their margins instead of lowering the prices. As long as they do that, they will need laws and police to hunt those that try to escape the monopoly.

The politicians need to rework the copyright laws or deal with the media industry abuse of their monopoly. Lobbying has so far prevented our representatives do represent us.

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by rolfc (#35541022) Attached to: Internet Explorer From 1.0 To 9.0
Microsoft realised that MSN was dead before its release and licensed Spyglass Mosaic as a quick Fix. They had the idea to lock users in to their own network and provide services for pay. When Internnet took off, they wondered where their customers went. Wikipedia writes " Open access to the World Wide Web was not originally included in the classic MSN service at the time of its initial launch, but Internet access was quickly offered through Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser, which was available as a download from the MSN service or as part of the Windows 95 Plus! package"

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I don't find it strange that 1.0 is good. Microsoft was caught without a browser when they realized that no one wanted MSN. So they bought Spyglass Mosaic which was a good browser, but they didn't have the time to ruin it before the release. Curiosly, I was one of the first 10 000 that downloaded it and was rewarded with a T-shirt.

Mozilla Posts File Containing Registered User Data 154

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wiredmikey writes "Mozilla yesterday sent an email to registered users of its site, letting them know that it had mistakenly posted a file to a publicly available Web server which contained data from its user database including email addresses, first and last names, and an md5 hash representation of user passwords."

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