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Comment Re:You should be anyways (Score 1) 303

You should be anyways, but not for the reasons that you might think.

I always include a link in comments to the source of the borrowed code (or approach), because the relevant discussion will illuminate the how and why far better than a large block comment.

I even do so in one off shell scripts (of which many owe some level of inspiration to SO). It is all too easy not to be able to remember the exact query you made on SO and not be able to come back to the discussion even a few hours later.

Submission + - SPAM: Researchers study natural gas as a marine fuel

EL Solutions writes: A new research study examines the market potential and environmental trade-offs of using natural gas in marine fuels. Natural gas is considered by many to be a 21st century energy resource that will enable multiple sectors, including shipping, to transition away from petroleum fuels. But, questions remain about whether the economic and energy potential benefits include co-benefits for the environment.
Link to Original Source

Submission + - Inside Amazon's Cloud Computing Infrastructure (

1sockchuck writes: As Sunday's outage demonstrates, the Amazon Web Services cloud is critical to many of its more than 1 million customers. Data Center Frontier looks at Amazon's cloud infrastructure, and how it builds its data centers. The company's global network includes at least 30 data centers, each typically housing 50,000 to 80,000 servers. "We really like to keep the size to less than 100,000 servers per data center," said Amazon CTO Werner Vogels. Like Google and Facebook, Amazon also builds its own custom server, storage and networking hardware, working with Intel to produce processors that can run at higher clockrates than off-the-shelf gear.

Submission + - Mozilla Fixed A 14-Year-Old Bug In Firefox, Now Adblock Plus Uses Less Memory

An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla launched Firefox 41 yesterday. Today, Adblock Plus confirmed the update “massively improves” the memory usage of its Firefox add-on. This particular memory issue was brought up in May 2014 by Mozilla and by Adblock Plus. But one of the bugs that contributed to the problem was actually first reported on Bugzilla in April 2001 (bug 77999).

Submission + - Is the SkyHubCloud 1TB for life sound? (

rolandw writes: I've just followed the /.deals offer for 1TB cloud storage for life for $50. However, I've since found that SkyHub Cloud are simply buying this storage from who would normally sell 1TB for $360/yr. JuicyTools has some interesting insight into this ( which suggests that the life isn't your life but the life of SkyHub Cloud which, based on their domain records, could be just until Feb 8 2016. Have I fallen for a scam? Does /. take any responsibility for checking out these deals?

If you like me have logged in and can't get the OS X app, you can find it here:

Submission + - Darwin's letter denouncing Christ sells for $200k ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The Church and the idea of evolution has always kept the scribes and common folk on tenterhooks. Thanks to reports of the Pope making references to Darwinism, the hype behind Darwin and his contrasting views to those of the Vatican are hot topics for debates. In light of this, one wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a letter written by Charles Darwin himself, mentioning his absolute disbelief in the Bible and the New Testament, would fetch anything between $70,000 and $90,000 at an auction. That was just how much the Bonhams auction expected to fetch from the letter. Surprisingly though, the letter was finally sold for a staggering $197,000, setting a new world record.

Comment Home isn't the problem its required skills (Score 1) 318

I'm a UK employer of developers based in central London and I let people work from home. Almost all do so every now and then (we allow 15 days a year automatically and always add more if asked). Some work from home on a regular or semi-regular basis 1 or 2 days a week. I have had one person move to Hong Kong for 4 years and one move to Mexico City for 18 months. Both are now back in the UK and both are working as hard as ever and delivering great work.

The problem is less about working from home, more about finding the right people with the right skills. It's not just development skills (I'm looking for Progress and Python coders currently) but it's also the ability to communicate remotely, to pick up the nuances of meetings remotely and to have the self-motivation. A lot of the work is pretty boring (we're contract developers rather than a trendy web shop or start-up) and so it is easy to not communicate and not pick up the vibe. Don't expect to just not show up at the office one day and for everything to be fine. Some of our team work from home for a day and we just don't hear from them or even know that they exist. Don't let yourself be one of them! Be prepared to put in the days in the office when you start - otherwise people just won't know who you are.

Submission + - Happy Fiftieth to Moore's Law! (

An anonymous reader writes: Moore's Law turns 50 on April 19th, 2015. Here's a gargantuan info graphic to celebrate it.

Submission + - Nokia Networks Demonstrates 5G Mobile Speeds Running at 10Gbps via 73GHz (

Mark.JUK writes: The Brooklyn 5G Summit appears to have provided a platform for Nokia Networks to demo a prototype of their future 5G (5th Generation) mobile network technology, which they claim can already deliver data speeds of 10 Gigabits per second using millimeter Wave (mmW) frequency bands of 73GHz (7300MHz).

The demo also made use of 2×2 Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) links via single carrier Null Cyclic Prefix modulation and frame size of 100 micro seconds, although crucially no information about the distance of this demo transmission has been released and at 73GHz you'd need quite a dense network in order to overcome the problems of high frequency signal coverage and penetration.

Comment Re:English belongs to the world (Score 1) 667

Rubbish. The English language belongs to the people of England. There is proper English and that is the English that is spoken by the English. Not all British people speak English. Not all English people speak English (listen to the Cornish or a passing Geordie). Americans certainly don't speak English. Neither do Australians. But the difference between English and French is that we English aren't so possessive and uppity about about our language. Besides, we defeated them in 1815 just like we put the Spaniards in their place in 1588. English is continually developing because we've been accepting good, hard working and ambitious people from all over Europe for millennia and people from our former colonies for a hundred years or so and they all bring interesting variations. We made room for them by shipping all the misfits to other places thereby spreading the beauty of our ways. We don't mind you (and everyone else) messing with our language and not being able to spell "programme", "catalogue" or even "colour" because at least you're nearly speaking the same language as us and so we don't have to bother learning another. Instead we can spend our time being the best country in the world by teaching our children to measure in metres (SI) whilst having yards (BS) on our road signs!

Submission + - Laser destroys truck, 1 mile away (

MutualFun writes: Don't piss off Lockheed Martin: The aerospace company this week used a laser to obliterate the engine of a small truck from more than a mile away. (Finally, 'Star Wars' is making a comeback!)

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Best Strategies For Teaching Kids CS Skills? (

beaverdownunder writes: We're currently working on developing a teaching platform based around our BASIC interpreter DiscoRunner, and we would love to hear from Slashdot readers as to what methods they've used in the past to teach kids computer science concepts — which worked, what didn't, and why.

This will obviously be invaluable to us when it comes to working out the lessons that will be taught in our fight-to-save-the-world-from-evil learning environment, and we would be eternally grateful for any scraps of wisdom you could toss our way. =)

Thank you!

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