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Comment Re:Could have its uses (Score 2) 179

Actually, she's famous because some second-rate (yet oddly enough, squeaky clean) celebrity has a brother (who is even more of an off-brand celebrity) who performed various 'acts' with Kim Kardashian on tape. And then *somehow* that tape got leaked to the world.

So really she's about the most successful crossover porn star. =/

Comment wtf (Score 3, Insightful) 480

whenever CEO pay comes up on this site, people bitch about how much more the CEO makes vs rank and file. Okay, valid complaint.

Here a CEO bucks that trend, nukes his own salary and gives everyone a *minimum* 70k salary -- which is different from everyone getting 70k. He not only does a commendable thing: paying employees more than necessary; but walks the walk and takes a massive paycut himself.

The real story here is the crab-pot mentality. If I'm making 100k, and my cubicle neighbor goes from 35k to 70k, that doesn't have any impact on me whatsoever*. Why complain?

*small scale, intra-company comparison here, yes I know if the minimum wage was suddenly 70k, that's a different beast.

Comment Re:It is what it is (Score 2) 332

Non-Military, are you sure?

(During the Pacific War, Kure acted as Japan's largest single naval base and arsenal. Most of the city's industry and workforce supported the naval installations and associated support functions. In the later stages of the conflict Kure came under sustained aerial bombardment culminating in the Bombing of Kure in June and July 1945)

"During World War II, at the time of the nuclear attack on August 9, 1945, Nagasaki was an important industrial city, containing both plants of the Mitsubishi Steel and Arms Works, the Akunoura Engine Works, Mitsubishi Arms Plant, Mitsubishi Electric Shipyards, Mitsubishi Steel and Arms Works, Mitsubishi-Urakami Ordnance Works, several other small factories, and most of the ports storage and trans-shipment facilities, which employed about 90% of the city's labor force, and accounted for 90% of the city's industry. These connections with the Japanese war effort made Nagasaki a major target for bombing by the Allies during the war."

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