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Comment Re:Applications? (Score 4, Funny) 92 92

Engineers come from all walks of life, and don't usually wear signs that say "Hello, my name is engineer". You could have been near one at the grocery store, on the bus, or in line at Starbucks. So my question is, how do you *know* for certain you aren't near an engineer, right now?

Comment Re: Just like defense distributed (Score 5, Funny) 216 216

well the problem with that is a gun is not a very aerodynamically sound shape. It would probably start tumbling right out of the barrel and lose velocity far too quickly to have any kind of range. Firing bullets was the proper choice here, let's not armchair quarterback their decisions too much, okay?

Comment Re:Well, she was an interim. (Score 4, Interesting) 467 467

In one of Malcolm Gladwell's books (forget which one, also take with a grain of salt) The reason that Rosa Parks set things off the way she did wasn't so much about her, but who she knew.

Namely, she had a rather large network of social contacts that could be used to rally to her cause. Had she been the exact same person, but a shut in -- it wouldn't have happened the same way.

Comment Re:I don't think it's enough, but I have doubts to (Score 2) 331 331

Such a backwards, awful point of view to have. In the US we have this concept of 'cruel and unusual punishment'. Inmates, while in the care of the state being raped in prison absolutely falls into that category -- the fact that our prison system tolerates that kind of behavior is terrible.

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