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Comment Re:Ban the side effects (Score 1) 305

because the market would absolutely, positively NOT be flooded with Chinese melamine tablets masquerading as antibiotics.

I kind of like the stringent standards that the FDA imposes on prescriptions; really this sounds more like a patent/IP issue; drug companies are able to restrict the manufacture of generics for years, thus artificially keeping prices high.

Comment Re:apes don't actually spend their time hunting (Score 1) 166

Comparing the diet of an ape in equatorial africa to early humans might be a bit off though. There was a significant period of time between pre-humans migrating out of africa, and the invention of agriculture (really; food preservation methods).

Besides, hasn't it been reasoned that part of the development of our big ole noggins was a direct result of a higher quality diet -- more meat?

Comment Re:Count your teeth. 30 calories vs 150 (Score 1) 166

thank goodness early hominids (we're talking in the same time-frame as lucy) invented agriculture so we could evolve to survive on a year-round diet of fruit, vegetables, and grains -- right? Also, thanks for reminding me that you shouldn't chew meat with your molars, as they are reserved exclusively for grinding vegetable matter.

(This being Slashdot, it's necessary to point out that the previous statement was absolutely sarcastic. Any explanation for what humans should eat needs to take into account what life must have been like during an ice-age or any period of extended winter, prior to having the ability to import stuff from the southern hemisphere, or grow in a greenhouse.)

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