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Comment: Re:Why are people still using these machines? (Score 2) 59

There are multiple reasons why people continue to use these machines. The CPAP is a great tool and the one recommended against severe sleep apnea, the product has a reputation and is heavily promoted. Yet again, people lack education, they are usually not told by their MD that for simple snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea (the common one, the obstructive), the first medical recommandation should be a custom made dental mandibular advancement device or dental appliance such as
These devices aren't to be confused with splints used to protect bruxors even though they may also fit that role.

The CPAP is more effective against sleep apnea than those dental appliances but makes noise, requires electricity, is a challenge to bring on trips and usually a lot less comfortable, wich is the problem adressed by the product advertised in the OP. The effectiveness of dental appliances is currently (in the latest studies) similar or even slightly better than that of CPAP because there is a lot more adherence to the treatment (lots of people can't go the whole night with their CPAP).

Whatever solution you go for you MUST NEVER USE AN OFF THE SHELF DENTAL APPLIANCE, those will give you SEVERE DENTAL PROBLEMS, there are lots of documented cases and FDA should never have approved those.

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