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Comment Re:Steam machines were already useless (Score 1) 168 168

Yes, I was 16 when the 3DO came out. Also, I know that some great franchises, like NFS, started on 3DO.

From a business and financial standpoint, the 3DO and Steam machine are pretty much identical.

On the hardware front, company A creates the design, builds a prototype, and licenses the technology so companies B, C, D, and E manufacture it and assume all the risks and costs in the supply chain (manufacturing, sales, etc.) while company A laughs all the way to the bank to cash the licensing fee checks.

On the software front, company A builds a middleware in which games will run, and sells licenses so that companies W, X, Y, Z can write games for said machine while assuming all risk and costs associated with game development. Meanwhile, company A laughs all the way to the bank to cash those licensing fee checks. At least, Valve also has its delivery system to avoid inventory and shipping expenses.

No wonder hardware builders that signed up for this never went past the prototype stage.

Comment Bash transgenic foods all you want (Score 1, Redundant) 188 188

But don't complain when you buy whole foods that cost twice as much.

Transgenics are cheaper to produce, because crops grow faster, require fewer pesticides, yield better/bigger products, etc.

There's yet to me any serious study that proves that trangenic foods kill, cause cancer, kills babies, etc, because the technology is so new and groundbreaking.

Comment Apple copying others again (Score -1) 141 141

This time it's Tidal, the streaming service built by Jay Z, Madonna, and other artists who want a "fair share" of the streaming music pie.

Their business model is incredible: offer the same crap music they've been donig for ages, in supposedly hifi quality (polished turd analogy goes here) for twice the price of Spotify.

Brilliant plan all around. So brilliant that Apple is copying it and tying it to iToys.

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