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Comment: It's all about cost, not physical space. (Score 1) 56

by rodrigoandrade (#48167383) Attached to: Making Best Use of Data Center Space: Density Vs. Isolation
At most places I've worked, the situation described was requested / imposed by the PHBs and bean counters to save costs, reliability and isolation be damned.

Lack of physical room was NEVER, I repeat, NEVER an issue. This ain't Tokyo we´re talking about. If your office building doesn't have a spare room, you'll have other major issues down the road when ytour company expands its business.

Comment: Re:but useful software is not cheap to make (Score 1) 103

by rodrigoandrade (#48101091) Attached to: The Malware of the Future May Come Bearing Real Gifts

A friend of mine worked on a customer's machine that had some uber virus in it. He told me all the tech details, but thanks to one to many Hoegaardens I forgot them. He was only able to isolate the virus by hooking up the customer's HD to a Linux box and fix it.

Long story short, he innocently contacted Cnet to tell them that software XYZ had a virus in it, ony to be told something along the lines of "yeah, we know, but we get paid to put them there, so there's nothing we can do about it."

Comment: How many players online? (Score 1) 93

Considering it's multiplayer, it's important to consider how many people actually buy this, instead of just bragging about "Linux on the Desktop."

Methinks Linux gaming is pretty niche at the moment, so any multiplayer game wouldn't benefit much from going Linux, unless there's cross-platform integration.

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