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Open Source

Microsoft Open Sources CoreCLR, the .NET Execution Engine 253

Posted by Soulskill
from the following-through dept.
An anonymous reader writes: As part of Microsoft's continuing project to open source the .NET framework, the company has announced that CoreCLR, the execution engine for .NET Core, is now available on GitHub. CoreCLR handles things like garbage collection, compilation to machine code, and IL byte code loading. The .NET team said, "We have released the complete and up-to-date CoreCLR implementation, which includes RyuJIT, the .NET GC, native interop and many other .NET runtime components. ... We will be adding Linux and Mac implementations of platform-specific components over the next few months. We already have some Linux-specific code in .NET Core, but we're really just getting started on our ports. We wanted to open up the code first, so that we could all enjoy the cross-platform journey from the outset."

Comment: Re: Don't (Score 2) 107

by mrycar (#48186931) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: LTE Hotspot As Sole Cellular Connection?

I live in a rural area, but with access to lte. My config consists of Cradlepoint router, with 2 lte modem's connected , one from Verizon, the other from AT&T, used to also have sprint as well, but canned it due to them never upgrading speed of their networks. Connection speed varies from 22mbps to 44mbps via speedtest.net. I have two external antennas attached to the modem, which gives me solid 5 bar signals,

Latency varies constantly, 15-60ms variance.

Good news am have access, quick, semi reliable
Bad news, expensive $300/mo per carrier for 30gb per carrier per month, despite being set up highly available the lte modems hang frequently, yes the Cradlepoint resets and the system fails over to the other carrier, but it never fails that that both will fail at the same time when I need it the most. Those fails require a rest of modem, which can be done by the web interface. Latency varies heavily, 15ms-60ms.

As expensive as it is, it is a tremendous improvement over satellite based Internet. Prior to lte, I installed Hughes commercial internet service at my house. (Not the wimpy personal service, the big 1 meter dish based system). Satellite is an absolute last resort solution.

Voice over the lte, is great until a modem decides to mess up, then it goes from bad to dropped. Movies are capable to stream, but some services like Netflix, Hulu, do better recover than others. Gaming is non-existent. The latency varies too much, first person shooter become first person target.

Main issue is the obscene pricing. Att is cheaper than Verizon, but neither will deal on more than 50gb per month usage.

Comment: Re:LTE and 5G (Score 1) 424

by mrycar (#46260303) Attached to: Time Warner Deal Is How Comcast Will Fight Cord Cutters

I have LTE as the only internet connection to my house, not by choice, but its the only game faster than t1 speeds, and latency that is tolerable. (have tried satellite, and local "wireless" plans)

Speed is great, but the cap at 30GB per month of around $298(phone usage included) is pretty steep, and the overage charges are even steeper. Yea there is competition, but their prices are higher with even more draconian overage fees.

I expect all wired data plans here in the US start mimicking the wireless plans with high rates and low GB usage amounts.

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