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+ - iPhone SMS Security Problem? Nope, You're Texting Wrong ->

Submitted by
rocr69 writes "There is a problem with iPhone SMS security. In fact, according to Apple and others, there is a problem with SMS security in general because messages with spoofed addresses can be sent to any phone. Although no reasonable observer will say that SMS is secure or that other than Apple smartphones don’t have the same problem, you would think Cupertino would have learned how to respond to product image issues. The last time Apple ducked for covered behind the competition, it didn’t turn out so well."
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+ - There’s an odd edit in Steve’s ‘->

Submitted by rocr69
rocr69 (1246738) writes "Starting around 9 minutes and 30 seconds in Steve Jobs 'oeantennagate' speech, there's an odd edit. Jobs says, 'Now, these phones"' and he doesn't finish the sentence. Then a bit of Steve rocking back and forth (weird), a quick cut to the Samsung phone, an oddly timed through black transition at 9:40 and then Steve's back saying, 'So, we could have gone on and on.'""
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Desktops (Apple)

+ - The Dell Mini 10V lives, viva la Hackintosh!->

Submitted by rocr69
rocr69 (1246738) writes "Much has been made of the discontinuation of the much loved, by Hackintoshers, Dell Mini 10V. But, it’s not gone; it’s just been rebranded and is now available at a Sam Walton property near you. The one caveat — and, isn’t there always a quid pro quo? — is that it’s gonna come stuffed full of Nickelodeon kitsch and, well, slimy styling."
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Comment: Re:Is it really that different than programming? (Score 1) 539

by rocr69 (#31924778) Attached to: Photos of Chinese Sweatshop Used By Microsoft
I lived in Taiwan for 15 years and worked for various tech firms — the picture shown could have been taken at any factory (or office) I ever visited or worked at. Everybody, including executives, except the silly foreigners had a kip after lunch. It's just a part of life.

+ - Vonage for iPhone allows calls via cellular->

Submitted by rocr69
rocr69 (1246738) writes "Vonage Mobile give customers exceptional per-minute rates (i.e. way better than AT&T) to any country they want to dial (but were previously afraid to because of AT&Tâ(TM)s extortionate international rates). In the fourth quarter 2009, Vonage will enhance the app to include the popular Vonage World plan, which allows unlimited calls to over 60 countries for one flat monthly fee. In related news, dozens of former AT&T senior level executives have been spotted deploying golden parachutes as they âoeexitâ Whitacre Towers, the companyâ(TM)s corporate headquarters, in Dallas, Texasâ¦"
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Comment: Re:I don't like this... (Score 4, Informative) 270

by rocr69 (#29496059) Attached to: FCC Backs Net Neutrality, Chairman's Full Speech Posted

I guess as a slashdot reader I'm supposed to be for "net neutrality" however I trust profit grabbing companies more than I trust the FCC. If I don't like the way a company is routing their traffic I can at least switch companies. If the FCC gets involved and they do something stupid there is no alternative. The worst case for a business blocking/routing traffic is that someone else creates a competing ISP.

The profiteers took the government's money, our money, while demanding competitive considerations (ie monopolies) and promised us all super fast, super cheap internet would be here three years ago. They're lying whores that can't be trusted to even act in their own interests let alone ours.

Ma Bell is a mean mother!