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Comment: Re:there's a small town in the mountains (Score 1) 574

by rockypg (#31329458) Attached to: Scalpers Earned $25M Gaming Online Ticket Sellers

The townspeople can only refuse to buy as long as there are alternative sellers for flour. If the asshole starts buying from several sources, over time, he becomes a popular seller and if there isn't competition, the only known seller. All producers will be forced to sell to him, because he's the only access to the market now.

How does free market correct for these parasitic middlemen?

How does free market kill **AA?

Comment: Missing option (Score 1) 1142

by rockypg (#31052658) Attached to: If Everyone Had To Pass A Particular 101 Course, It Should Be About...

All of them!

The leaders in this poll are very predictable. It's no surprise to see what we /.ers think the rest of the world should learn.

If the poll were: If All /.ers Had To Pass A Particular 101 Course, It Should Be About.. what would the options be?

  • Sex?
  • Relationships?
  • Love and other mushy things?
  • Empathy?
  • Humility?
  • ...
  • Breasts?

Indian Moon Mission Launched 305

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the to-the-moon-alice dept.
hackerdownunder writes "India's maiden lunar mission (Chandrayaan-1) got off to a flying start today. Describing the launch as 'perfect and precise,' the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), G Madhavan Nair, said that it would be 14 days before the satellite would enter into lunar orbit. Chandrayaan carries eleven payloads: five designed and developed in India, three from the European Space Agency, one from Bulgaria and two from NASA."

+ - Historical Univeristy Grades

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "When I was in college, choosing professors was pretty much luck of the draw. But now it looks like it doesn't have to be: students at the University of Colorado have put together a website that takes much of the guesswork out of finding the right professors. Students can write reviews of their professors, but more importantly, they can see the grades that the professors have given in the past (apparently from data coerced out of public universities from state laws equivalent to the federal freedom of information act), and then decide who to take. Not really a new idea, but they appear to be the only ones doing it for free. Does this provide useful information to students who wish to exceed, or just make it easier for slackers to skate through college?"

What are the Best Cell Phone Services in the US? 239

Posted by Cliff
from the and-what-is-it-about-them-that-you-like dept.
James Hewfanger asks: " has run an article on the five best cell phone services in the UK. These include a text-based service that gets you the number of a licensed cab company in London, Google Maps and Gmail on your phone, a service that can tell what artist and song you're listening to, an online service that backs up all your cell phone contacts and a text-based service that answers any question you can throw at it. What, however, are the five best cell phone services in the US?"

SEC Halts Trading on Spam Driven Stocks 139

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the pump-and-dump dept.
goombah99 writes "The SEC has taken action to halt transactions on spam-touted stocks. Presumably this opens an opportunity for denial of service attacks on stocks. However, to be effective spam generally must target penny stocks with historically low volumes and thus the actual capitalized market impact or effect on the companies for a temporary shutdown can be expected to be negligible and transient. One example was given of a touted apparel stock jumping from 6 cents to 45 cents over a period of days before settling down to ten cents a share and near 65,000 or about $6500 in transactions (an eighth of the peak share volume, and a 50th of the peak transaction value). In other words, the market distortion of a brief shutdown, even if it were a DOS attack, would be massively less than the integrated spam surge. The thing I found surprising was that for this to be an effective measure with human oversight then the number of such events must be relatively small in number. From the amount of spam I get I'd have guessed it was a tidal wave."

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