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by rocketman768 (#26877467) Attached to: Collided Satellite Debris Coming Down?
You can't be so sure. I mean, look at the difference in inclination and longitude of ascending nodes between the two orbits. At collision, the relative inclination was nearly 90 degrees! There was therefore a crapload of plane-changing velocity imparted. I think that this would make for a massively unpredictable orbit for the chunks. Eyeballing the tracks is not a good way to get an idea for the path of the debris in such an extreme case.

+ - Scientists Create Compound with a Single Element 1

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rocketman768 (838734) writes "

An international team of researchers including scientists at the Carnegie Institution has discovered a new chemical compound that consists of a single element: boron. Chemical compounds are conventionally defined as substances consist of two or more elements, but the researchers found that a high pressure and temperature pure boron can assume two distinct forms that bond together to create a novel 'compound' called boron boride.

The full scoop is here."

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