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Comment Re:God of the Gaps (Score 1) 1293

Maybe you could explain your view instead of just being contrarian. What is the meaning of your 100 years, or less, on the planet? Where is the justice in some people being born into wealthy societies while others are born into grinding poverty? I'm willing to drop my religious views if you have a better idea.

Comment Re:More importantly (Score 1) 1293

Seriously!! Human beings have an incredible power-to-weight ratio, can convert a wide range of hydrocarbons to energy, can self-heal minor damage and you think the fact that air and food go down the same tube is a design flaw?

It's very easy to criticize something we don't really understand. Everyone who thinks humans could be better designed should do so or shut-up.

Comment Here's a thought... (Score 1) 1034

Maybe men that don't interact well with women are the result of NOT spending any time learning about women. If they did then they would learn that porn is usually geared towards what men want sexual interaction to look like, NOT what women want it to look like.

Interacting with real people requires social skills that get harder to acquire as we get older because the unconditional love of mom/dad/grandma/.. may not be there to lessen the blow of rejection or realizing we need to change in some area. It is easier to distract ourselves with entertainment (video games, porn, movies, etc.) than to risk having a negative relationship experience. If there is no one we trust to instruct us in the proper way to behave then we will just assume that the rest of the world is the problem. This could lead to some very bad behavior.

I believe there is a downward trend in the ability of men and women to interact in a healthy way. Women may not have issues with video games and porn but they can easily become very self-centered, vain, gossipy, and lacking in social skills. I just think that the cause, which has always been, is poor parenting.

Comment So This is the Free Market System.. (Score 4, Interesting) 345

Companies go on and on about the beauty of the "free market system" until it doesn't work for them. The U.S. government rushes in to help companies stay competitive but doesn't do much to help our workforce stay competitive. Helping U.S. companies does not help U.S. workers like it once did. Most companies depend on labor outside the U.S. to some extent. Why can't they put a tax on outsourced labor to make U.S. wage rates competitive?

I've never seen a U.S. congress that cared less about it's people than this one. The message from out government is if you can't figure out how to make a livable wage in this recession then just disappear so we don't have to deal with you. The real "kick in the head" is that if I didn't have to support our bloated local, state and federal government, deal with reams of regulations, and spend large amounts of money on insurance to protect me from a litigious society then I could be competitive with the rest of the world.


Submission Training buggy whip designers: the nuclear work force->

mdsolar writes: ""How can Japan secure and develop human resources who will work in the nuclear power field? This task needs to be jointly tackled by the government and the private sector.

The number of students wishing to study nuclear power has declined since the crisis started last year at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant operated by Tokyo Electric Power Co. In addition, many young people have become reluctant to take jobs in nuclear-related industries."

While the US will continue to train nuclear engineers to run our military nuclear propulsion program, won't most countries that abandon nuclear power end up with the least talented students pursuing this field, a sort of Homer Simpson filled nuclear decommissioning work force?"

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Submission New Super Sonic Jet->

bandhu writes: "A British Firm has unveiled its plan for a new Super Sonic jet that will travel twice the Concorde.
  HyperMach revealed its plans for the SonicStar aircraft and claims the plane will be so quick that travelling from London to New York will take just two hours. A trip from New York to Sydney, meanwhile, will be cut by a staggering 75 per cent — from 20 hours on a commercial airliner to just five hours.The 20-seat plane will be able to cruise at Mach 3.1, a speed made possible by S-MAGJET hybrid gas turbine engine technology; nobody has ever travelled that fast before.
Its top speed, however, will be Mach 3.6.
Richard Lugg, the chief executive of HyperMach, said: 'Mankind has always been inspired to do things better, quicker and faster and that is our ambition.'
HyperMach plans to build its engine by the end of the decade and to have the plane itself constructed by 2025.
With relatively low fuel consumption, the Sonic Star 'overcomes the economic and environmental challenges of supersonic flight to revolutionise the way we travel and drive air transportation forward into the future,' claims HyperMach.
By using electromagnetic currents across the fuselage to suppress the sonic boom, the plane is able to overcome the noise regulations that constrict supersonic travel.
It has a range of 6,000 nautical miles and its 54,700 thrust class S-MAGJET engine — actually two engines — is optimised to fly the aircraft at 62,000ft.
But it is the reduction in jet engine emissions that HyperMach believes will prove the secret of SonicStar's success."

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Comment Re:This just in! (Score 1) 235

The reason that unions are dying off is because of outsourcing. The union has no power if the company can just move the manufacturing to another country with a totalitarian government that won't allow unions. It should scare you that we can NEVER compete against any country with a low standard of living, little infrastructure to support, little or no environmental regulations and few labor laws.

If you think that innovation or green jobs are going to save this economy then you probably believe in the Easter bunny and Santa Claus.

Comment I'm Thinking "Total Recall" (Score 1) 299

After watching the movie, Total Recall, I realized that Mars is the perfect place for a corporation to setup. You have complete control over your employees including the oxygen they breath. Any problem with an employee can be resolved with an airlock malfunction. It's a sociopathic CEO's dream come true.

Comment Re:How about no textbook at all? (Score 1) 446

They want parent involvement until it steps on the toes of some overpaid PhD who thinks there is some clever way to make math easier to learn so all the test scores will go up. When a parent actually pays attention to what's going on and realizes there's a problem, the school system closes ranks to protect the idiot.

The solution, if you can do it, is homeschooling.

Comment Re:apply your gut check numbers to fresh water (Score 1) 166

There is plenty of water, just not a lot of fresh water. If you have energy you can turn salt water into fresh water. It just means that water is going to be very expensive and so food will have to be grown using less water. There are hydroponic and aquaponic systems already that use as little as 10% of what is used for dirt farming.

The real issue is still energy.

Comment Re:NEARLY 50% MARGIN (Score 1) 438

This might be true if an iPhone was a necessity of life. I know people are going to hunt me down and do horrible things to me for saying this but people can live without an iPhone (or substitute whatever smartphone is hot at the moment). If the obscene profit of the wireless carriers upset you then figure out a way to live without it. I pay $20/month for voice/text on a dumb phone and am completely content. Being a "techno-lemming" is like being a heroin addict. You pay whatever the dealer is asking because you HAVE to have it.

It is easy to point the blame at someone else for why the economy is tanking but the reality is that the problem is us. Greed and egocentrism at every level of society made this financial mess possible.

Comment Re:In some respect, I agree. (Score 1) 427

The problem with your counter-example is that there is little motivation for someone to automate their jobs in those cases because they get probably get paid by the hour. If they free up time by automating part of their job then their boss will just find more work for them. Doing boring, repetitive work appeals to some people. It's the company that is interested in being more efficient and they need to hire someone to make it happen.

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