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Comment Re:Warranty (Score 5, Funny) 607 607

My 5 Nintendo based systems have never failed once (Well the NES can be a bit of pain sometimes, ha ha).






US Colleges Say Hiring US Students a Bad Deal 490 490

theodp writes "Many US colleges and universities have notices posted on their websites informing US companies that they're tax chumps if they hire students who are US citizens. 'In fact, a company may save money by hiring international students because the majority of them are exempt from Social Security (FICA) and Medicare tax requirements,' advises the taxpayer-supported University of Pittsburgh (pdf) as it makes the case against hiring its own US students. You'll find identical pitches made by the University of Delaware, the University of Cincinnati, Kansas State University, the University of Southern California, the University of Wisconsin, Iowa State University, and other public colleges and universities. The same message is also echoed by private schools, such as John Hopkins University, Brown University, Rollins College and Loyola University Chicago."

With all the fancy scientists in the world, why can't they just once build a nuclear balm?