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Comment Re:same as guns (Score 1) 176

I wish I could agree with you, but I think they actually could enforce a ban against encryption. If encryption is illegal, then Google, Microsoft, Apple, et al can be forced to stop using it. Then whatever small players are left who violate the ban will stick out like a sore thumb. They would then be arrested.

Comment Re:vote trump he will kill this (Score 2) 278

I agree. I have family who have voted Republican all their lives. I tell them how bad TPP is sometimes I think they imagine that it couldn't possibly be that bad. I tell them that if the Republican candidate is some establishment crony like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio, Sanders' opposition to TPP alone makes it worthwhile to vote for him, even if you disagree with him on other issues. The response is always: "but, but, SOCIALISM!"

Comment Re:At least he still has a sense of humor (Score 1) 206

This exactly. The powers that be want another establishment tool who will do their bidding. You may have seen it reported that some wealthy donors are simultaneously supporting Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, while the media ignores Bernie Sanders and dispariages Donald Trump every chance they get. I predict that as Bush and Clinton's campaigns appear to be sagging, the big money is going to go to Joe Biden and Marco Rubio - basically, anyone but Sanders and Trump.

Comment Re:How dare they! (Score 1) 166

Thank you. This needs to be screamed from the rooftops. I am pleased to tell you folks that both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have announced their opposition to this monstrosity. Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are both in the tank for the TPP, as is President Obama. I just wish that this issue could get the attention it needs.

Comment MRI, PET, CT (Score 1) 311

It would be great if these technologies could be not only made cheaper, but miniaturized, as well, so that you could go see a doctor and say, "My shoulder has been hurting for two weeks and I don't know why" and he could pull out a pocket MRI and have a look at the insides of your shoulder as easily as he could listen to your heart with a stethoscope.

Comment A Crazy Idea (Score 1) 515

Okay, I have this crazy notion. If Microsoft believes that software that is integrated with the cloud is the future, why don't they publish an API where anyone who wants can provide that service. If I understand correctly, Elon Musk has published information about how to make a charging station compatible with his Tesla cars and anyone with the resources is encouraged to do so. Likewise, why doesn't Microsoft allow us to create our own "cloud" that serves our purposes. (It's a rhetorical question; we know the answer.)

Comment In what context is it ruled to be unlawful? (Score 1) 301

I'm an American here. In what context is the UK's regulation permitting copying of CDs ruled to be unlawful. I haven't read TFA yet, but it sounds like they're saying that this rule is at the national level. Is there some supranational organization that prohibits this or something along those lines?

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