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Comment: Re:Maths (Score 1) 525

by rock_climbing_guy (#48499285) Attached to: Montana Lawmakers Propose 85 Mph Speed Limit On Interstates
Hey Winter,

I've been studying your esoteric .sig.

It looks sort of like a C or Java program and I know that putchar is part of the C standard library. However, it isn't a valid C program because the type of i isn't declared and there is no return statement, thus it makes no sense for the function main to recursively call itself.

I can do a little math to see that if 0 is passed to main, putchar will receive 0, terminating the function after main recurses six times, outputting a single character each time. Making a few small changes, I can get it to compile and output "BRune", but what is that supposed to mean?

Comment: Re:But DC is different,no? (Score 1) 588

by rock_climbing_guy (#48320413) Attached to: Marijuana Legalized In Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC

If I were President and wanted to stop this, I think I could do it easily. I think it would make a lot of people mad, but I could do it, just like I could go start a big war in Syria if I wanted to.

If I were President and wanted to do this, I might do the following:

I could direct the DOJ to subpoena the records from every state of who is licensed to sell cannabis in that state. I might not have enough resources to prosecute them all at once, but I could direct the DOJ to raid and prosecute them one-by-one in no particular order. I could direct them to use late-night no-knock raids and (with plausible deniability) suggest that agents could shoot pets and cause extensive property damage with impunity. I could direct the DOJ to seize their assets under civil asset forfeiture, levy large fines, and imprison them for years, leaving their families destitute. I don't know if I would prosecute customers, but even if just a handful were prosecuted, it could have a huge chilling effect on legalization advocates. Finally, I could arrest and prosecute *all* state officials (whether elected or not) who had any part of administering the program.

By doing the above, I could intimidate both business and local government out of ever trying to legalize cannabis for decades to come.

I'm certain that the powers that be have thought about this, too.

Comment: Re:Society requires it (Score 1) 553

by rock_climbing_guy (#48226107) Attached to: Employers Worried About Critical Thinking Skills

As we travel up to modern times, we have gone from a society that has 1 working parent and 1 at home taking care of kids to both parents normally having to work just to make ends meet. This means that the majority of parents can't teach a whole lot to their kids and public schools can (there is some interesting investigation to be done on whether or not this was planned, I recommend doing some reading).

What do you know about this "investigation"? If you know something, I would like to know what you know because I have been wondering for years if this is part of some conspiracy.

Personally, I think it's inhumane that children have been deprived of their parents.

Comment: Re:great news. (Score 1) 407

by rock_climbing_guy (#48172113) Attached to: As Prison Population Sinks, Jails Are a Steal

Care to tell us how you make a living then? I'm just curious. I do consulting, and I was surprised to find that corporate customers demand BG checks even for short-term consultants who aren't even on the payroll.

Did you eventually find a potential employer who didn't check? I know of at least one in my area. If not, how do you make a living then. Just curious.

Comment: Re: Still pretty affordable (Score 2) 393

by rock_climbing_guy (#47932003) Attached to: Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?
Our PPACA law is a sick joke.

We already have Medicare Part D, which while it is laudable that it helps retirees buy medicine, it stipulates that the US gov't pay FULL PRICE for these meds. Just to give you an example of what that's like, I was once asked to pay $80 to fill a prescription I normally pay $10 to have filled. I politely told them to shove it. Uncle Sam would have written a check for $80.

According to the official figures, the US gov't spends more money per capita on health insurance than countries that provide universal coverage. It is a sickening example of cronyism and thinly veiled bribery.

Comment: Re:Thanks for nothing. (Score 1) 155

by rock_climbing_guy (#46975229) Attached to: Former NSA Director: 'We Kill People Based On Metadata'
Consider this also: You don't have to do drugs to be a victim of the "war on drugs". Here are several horror stories about people's rights being violated in the name of enforcing drugs laws.
A man was forced to undergo a colonoscopy when police suspected he was transporting drugs. None were found.
After confusing a man with a drug suspect, a police officer handcuffed an innocent man and crushed his skull under his boot.
A policeman in Idaho stopped a driver with Colorado license plates and detained him in handcuffs while searching his vehicle without consent, presumably because he had Colorado plates.

Comment: Re:Thanks for nothing. (Score 1) 155

by rock_climbing_guy (#46969951) Attached to: Former NSA Director: 'We Kill People Based On Metadata'

I must disagree with you about the marijuana issue. I think that it is an important issue that is being ignored.

Here in the USA, we arrest 750,000 people each year for marijuana. Most people seem to know someone who smokes the stuff and would not want someone's life torn apart because someone in DC didn't what he was doing.

I have come to believe that in the future, the struggle to legalize marijuana will be seen as one of the defining civil rights issues of our time.

And oh yes, legalizing marijuana will leave the powers that be with one less excuse to otherwise violate our civil rights.

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