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Comment: Re:Private IoT reporting for duty! (Score 1) 104

by roc97007 (#49485805) Attached to: The Crazy-Tiny Next Generation of Computers

>The CFL hate here confused me until I got one that was designed to look like a bulb instead of long weird loops that just did the job. The early stuff was fine, the later stuff where marketers decided it needed to look like an incandesent bulb were the pieces of shit that took ages to warm up.

"Hate" is such an overused term.

I was an early adopter of CFLs, and of the three I bought around 1996, the first stopped working in 2005, the second a couple years later, and the third is still working in 2015. But the CFLs I've purchased after approx 2003, loop type or fake bulb type, last one to two years, no better than incandescents.

Besides using less electricity, the selling point of CFLs was longivity, and the early bulbs, after the bugs were worked out, really did meet that goal. But later they were value engineered to the point where you change them about as often as you change incandescent bulbs. (Which, I believe, was the actual goal of manufacturers.) And they still cost more. We were rooked.

I strongly suspect that IoT devices and appliances, sometime after they become common, will generally be value engineered to the point where failures are common. And we'll just accept it, like good little consumers. The "I" part of an "IoT" device is just another thing to go wrong.

Comment: Re:Private IoT reporting for duty! (Score 2) 104

by roc97007 (#49481811) Attached to: The Crazy-Tiny Next Generation of Computers

Point. Said more generally, does IoT mean that the most common failure will be some malfunction in the "I" part of the device? That more complexity inevitably leads to more points of failure?

Will this be a pattern similar to that followed by CFLs? Early IoT devices will be buggy, but the bugs will be ironed out, followed by a short Golden Age, where the prices have fallen and the devices essentially last forever, followed by the inevitable Value Engineering, after which things fail randomly and often, with error modes never seen in non-IoT devices?

Comment: Re: Nope (Score 1) 61

by roc97007 (#49474357) Attached to: IT Consultant Talks About 'Negotiating for Nerds' (Video)

> That company is of relevance HOW ?

Good point. I guess the only relevance is that they are having their moment in the news for some politically correct drivel.

Mind you, I'm on your side on this. Just pointing out that some companies are trying to sell us on the idea that salary negotiation is *mean* and unfair to genders who are less able to negotiate. (And why this isn't in and of itself considered sexist is beyond me.)

Comment: Re:Want a pay raise? Changes jobs, frequently. (Score 3, Interesting) 61

by roc97007 (#49473579) Attached to: IT Consultant Talks About 'Negotiating for Nerds' (Video)

Right. I was a contractor for several years, but got a FTE position when I decided to buy a home and raise a family, for precisely this reason. Took a hit in salary when I made the switch, but that's the price one pays.

The positive side, savings during the contracting days paid a hefty down payment on the house.

Comment: Re:Hell No Hillary (Score 1) 676

by roc97007 (#49463065) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid

...I felt that HIllary would at least be entertaining, in a tawdry, back-room-deal sorta way. Since then it's been fairly apparent that she doesn't really have a clue about foreign policy, and sees positions of power as a goal for its own sake, with no idea what to do with it when she gets there. A Hillary presidency is something we would be talking about for decades to come, and not in a good way.

Calling it now. Hilldog gets elected and in short order works on removing the two term limit thing, becomes US first dictator for life.

I've wondered what would happen if one did that by executive order.

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