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Comment: The sad part is TWC finally did something GOOD... (Score 4, Interesting) 346

by robmiracle (#35614724) Attached to: Cable Channels Panic Over iPad Streaming App
for their subscribers. For a company that is loated and hated by most of their customers who feel trapped in a dictatorship of ever escalating pricing, poor quality and lack of innovation, this iPad app is a serious step towards them doing something great for their customers.

Comment: The hurdles are not that big (Score 1) 375

by robmiracle (#34200956) Attached to: Can Windows, OS X and Fedora All Work Together?
With Windows Office 2010, I believe it now supports .odt files, so OpenOffice/Libre Office and Windows Office can share. The Mac's with Office 2008 cannot read odt files, but you can get OpenOffice/Libre Office for them. On the email front, I think there is a very good email program for Linux that will talk to exchange, but most exchange servers do IMAP anyway, so that shouldn't be a problem to keep Exchange around for email purposes. A couple of plugin's for Thunderbird and it can handle the exchange calendering features as well. Thunderbird also talks to Google Calendar so either email/calender system. It will be interesting to see what changes are coming to Ubuntu. Today I would recommend it over Fedora or CentOS for desktop use, but they are changing how the GUI works and that could either be a great thing or a really bad thing.

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