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Comment: Atari 800XL (Score 2) 623

by robcfg (#43850525) Attached to: How Did You Learn How To Program?
I got my 1st computer, an Atari 800XL from my grandmother in Germany as a First Communion present. When I got bored of playing Donkey Kong, I took a look at the manual, wrote the first example, and ran it. I was so amazed, that I started tweaking the numbers in the code and saw which effect they had. That's when I discovered the power XD

+ - Computer Program 'Evolves' Music From Noise->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "Researchers have developed a program, called DarwinTunes, that produces 8-second sequences of randomly generated sounds, or loops, from a database of digital "genes." Now, with input from 7000 internet users who act as "natural selectors", the program has "evolved" these bits of noise into real music. Although the resulting strains are hardly Don Giovanni, the finding shows how users' tastes exert their own kind of natural selection on popular music, nudging tunes to evolve out of cacophony."
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+ - MIT Builds 96-Core, Solar-Powered Ubuntu ARM Super Computer->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Days after building a 12-core Ubuntu ARM cluster, Phoronix was at MIT participating in a build of a 96-core ARM cluster built out of 48 PandaBoards. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS was running on the nearly 100 cores and the entire computer — built inside of a trash can — was powered via a single solar panel."
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+ - Missing Matter, Parralel Universes ?->

Submitted by
Phoghat writes "Could mirror universes or parallel worlds account for dark matter — the ‘missing’ matter in the Universe? In what seems to be mixing of science and science fiction, a new paper by a team of theoretical physicists hypothesizes the existence of mirror particles as a possible candidate for dark matter. An anomaly observed in the behavior of ordinary particles that appear to oscillate in and out of existence could be from a “hypothetical parallel world consisting of mirror particles,” says a press release from Springer. “Each neutron would have the ability to transition into its invisible mirror twin, and back, oscillating from one world to the other.”"
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+ - Could Security Breaches Cost Lives?->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Over a quarter of companies believe that if their sites go down or they suffer a major security breach it could potentially cost customers' their lives, according to AlienVault. When asked who they most feared would violate their privacy, the answer was overwhelmingly the Chinese, with 40% of respondents admitting this was the country that worried them the most. The U.S. government and Russians tied at 13%; and the UK government trailed slightly at 12%. Aliens and Israeli’s came out at 4% each. Just 5% felt confident enough to claim they were not worried about anyone violating their privacy."
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+ - SPAM: Facebook

Submitted by Techfacts
Techfacts (2558006) writes "Facebook Inc bounced back from record lows in frenetic trading on Thursday to finish in positive territory for the first time in four days, lifted in late trade by a U.S. market rebound and a brokerage upgrade."
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+ - GoDaddy: DMCA Overreactor Extraordinaire->

Submitted by
TheNextCorner writes "A recent Slashdot story, about a photographer threatened with lawsuits because he was sending DMCA take down notices, got more attention to the policies of GoDaddy.
GoDaddy takes down the full account of the infringing website, which could have the effect that other websites are taken down. see story here.
The lesson should be: Don't take images of the Internet which you don't have the copyright for!"

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+ - Amanda Palmer raises $1M from fans for her album-> 1

Submitted by
NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "The music industry will never be the same. Singer Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer on Twitter), has just raised over $1,000,000 directly from her fans, through Twitter and other social media, to mix, promote, and distribute her new album. Armed only with a Kickstarter page, social media accounts, and a lot of friends, she has just liberated a lot of musicians from the tyranny of having to 'sign' with a big studio. I predict music business historians will be writing about this day for years to come. The "big 4" record companies just got a lot smaller."
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+ - The Idiot's Guide To Backing Up

Submitted by lunatic1969
lunatic1969 (1010175) writes "I'm trying to get serious with my backups. Maybe I'm just used to the way of doing things in other operating systems. Maybe you can set me straight. I have several Windows 7 Home Premium edition machines and large USB network drive (Hooked to the router). I figured wow, I'll just use windows built-in backup utility. No. It won't grok saving to a network drive without using some VHD work around that I'm having mixed results with (The drive disconnects at some point for some unknown reason...). I suppose I could walk around with the USB drive to the various machines and back up every so often, but the point is I'm lazy. It has to be automatic or it won't happen. What utility or method would slashdotters use given a setup with several Windows 7 Home Premium machines and a network drive?"

+ - Scammers Working Harder to Fool Consumers->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The number of unique phishing reports submitted to the APWG rose substantially from early fall through the end of the year, while cybercrime gangs were apparently forced to work harder and smarter to fool increasingly fraud-savvy consumers into falling for their confidence schemes. Over the last half of 2011 there was a visible trend of phishers and scammers seeking to hide their intentions. Even fewer phishing websites are using the oh-so-obvious IP host to host their fake login pages, instead preferring to host on a compromised domain."
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