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Comment: Re:Lisp is a fascinating language with honored his (Score 2) 354 354

It's not just the language that is important, it's the contributions Lisp made to programming language theory: "if", higher order functions, garbage collection to name a few things. See here for a list of things that the language pioneered.

Comment: Re:Go to a good state school (Score 2) 283 283

+1 for the social scene: the majority of the jobs you'll get will be through your friends that you make at university, not because you have a fancy name on your resume. Being surrounded by creative, smart people and forming good relationships with them is easily just as important as learning engineering concepts and getting good grades. Since engineers are known to drink a lot, the party scene is not something to discount since it's quite a bit easier to form bonds with people over drinking games than over class projects.

If you're looking for lower cost, there are a number of universities with good engineering programs in Canada such as McGill, Queens, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo that are fairly close to New York state. They're all publicly funded and so even paying the international student rate is often cheaper than private universities in the USA like MIT.

Comment: Re:Looks almost as nice as JRuby, but not quite. (Score 1) 444 444

The guy who's making Mirah is the guy who made JRuby. I'm assuming he's taking a lot of the same code-base for this one so a lot of the work is already done!

Also I think he did this because he wants a few things that aren't part of Ruby:
1) Static typing via type-inference
2) No jruby.jar hanging around everywhere. This just compiles straight to bytecode using the regular Java runtime.

From what I've heard from the guy, he really likes most of Ruby (the syntax, blocks, mixins) but there are a few things he'd like to change. Mirah appears to be his project to do that.

Comment: Re:Bugs are an error in the... (Score 2, Informative) 596 596

and then attempts to refute. Fair enough. Except - the link leads to The Cathedral And The Bazaar - where I cannot find the quote... Hmmm

It's on this page:
Right after point #8, about halfway down.

Comment: Come work for me! (Score 1) 325 325

If you're willing to work for $8/hour doing IT work, you're welcome to come do an internship here!

Your main tasks will be:
  • Getting Coffee
  • Testing Code
  • Writing Getters/Setters
  • Working an extra 20 hours per week without pay

Seriously dude, if you're going to be making $8/hour, go work for a grocery store or something. At least there you'll get experience with the public and learn some communication and people skills (which a lot of IT people lack).

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