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Comment: Sony - are you listening? (Score 1) 193 193

I think that its great that you get a compatible digital copy. I have tons of digital PS3 games that currently do not work on the PS4. With sony's acquisition of Gaikai and this PS Now thing, why can't Sony do the same instead of trying to get me to rent/stream a PS3 game I already own? Really hope this gets sony thinking

Comment: Could be useful in Ontario (Canada) (Score 1) 299 299

Electricity rates are going up, making peak usage twice as expensive as off peak usage. I think that a lot of businesses could benefit from something like this if they could finance the upfront costs of batteries+ installation. While my understanding of our electrical systems is limited, it seems like batteries should have been part of our grid for exactly these reasons as well as emergencies etc. - it just seems like we have something that is always on, always outputting based on demand projections, so how do we make it smarter?

Comment: This happened to me (Score 1) 321 321

... and it's not my kids stealing. They were playing Penguin Wings 2 and bought about $20 of stuff for their little characters. It was my fault for wanting to distract them, and I changed my settings so that my password is needed each time now. I don't thinl it's google responsibility to protect people from themselves, and a dev who made a fun game got $20 for their work. People just need to use common sense/chillax.

Comment: Re:MySQL and Drupal are fine (Score 1) 316 316

Thanks for the +1 for mysql, it could save some headaches. My devs feel that they are up to the task of writing some functions, but they feel that MS does make it easier. In terms of the moral issues, I can't just stuff them, but I won't let them kill my budget either.

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