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United Kingdom

+ - England: back to Dickensian times?->

Submitted by rmstar
rmstar (114746) writes "In the aftermath of the civil unrest in the UK, two guys were sentenced to four years in jail for Facebook postings that incited to riots that never happened. The judge openly acknowledges that the harsh sentences are not for the alleged crime, but are supposed to act as a deterrent against similar actions. Is this the end of freedom of expression in the UK?"
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+ - The story behind patent reform->

Submitted by rmstar
rmstar (114746) writes "In an article titled "The Spoilsmen: How Congress Corrupted Patent Reform", Huffington Post reporter Zach Carter takes a look at the story behind the recent patent reform effort. It is an interesting and scary account of just how broken the legislative process is when it comes to intelectual property."
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+ - Greenpeace: Evacuation Area Too Small

Submitted by rmstar
rmstar (114746) writes "Independent measurements by environmentalist group Greenpeace suggest that radiation levels outside the current evacuation area around the Fukushima-1 nuclear plant are too high. They are calling for extension of the radius after measuring up to ten micro Sieverts per hour as far as 40km from the damaged plant. That amounts to the maximum allowed yearly dose of radiation for a member of the public every five days."

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