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+ - Resistance to antibiotics found in isolated Amazonian tribe->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "When scientists first made contact with an isolated village of Yanomami hunter-gatherers in the remote mountains of the Amazon jungle of Venezuela in 2009, they marveled at the chance to study the health of people who had never been exposed to Western medicine or diets. But much to their surprise, these Yanomami’s gut bacteria have already evolved a diverse array of antibiotic-resistance genes, according to a new study, even though these mountain people had never ingested antibiotics or animals raised with drugs. The find suggests that microbes have long evolved the capability to fight toxins, including antibiotics, and that preventing drug resistance may be harder than scientists thought."
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Comment: Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 4, Insightful) 578

Yet we are just creating more and more by bullshit like this. Usually it's just for women's benefit, but in this case there's also discrimination against gals too.

Why can't we just end this bullshit and let children grow up to do want they want to do?

Because. This is the sort of shite people with an activist streak get caught up in any more,

leaving important worries like electing good people to govern us languishing on the back burner.

Comment: Re:Systemic and widespread? (Score 1) 489

by rmdingler (#49445391) Attached to: The Courage of Bystanders Who Press "Record"

Can they start them much higher though?

Probably not, with many municipalities being forever cash-strapped by poor local political decisions. A brief internet search shows the income average/mean split as approximately $47k/$52K per annum.

They already start higher than educators and fire fighters where I am. They can move up the ranks, and then side to side in the private industry making some pretty comfortable money.

An even less well researched internet factoid has median annual US household income at just under $52K, so yes... comfortable. Still, IMHO, that is a compensation poorly matched with being shot at, running into burning buildings, or teaching in an average high school.

Comment: Re:Systemic and widespread? (Score 2) 489

by rmdingler (#49437437) Attached to: The Courage of Bystanders Who Press "Record"
Spot on.

Much like the American educational system, salary considerations and other incentives for employment minimize the likelihood that law enforcement will attract the sort of candidates we might prefer in the vocation as a society.

My two cents: law enforcement and education are often thankless jobs, and my hat is off to the many, many folks who give their best in these positions I wouldn't care to work.

Comment: Re:Hacking galore ! (Score 1) 37

by rmdingler (#49397053) Attached to: DHS: Drug Infusion Pumps Vulnerable To Trivial Hacks
The interesting thing is the way mainstream folks go marching along voluntarily signing away the privacy rights to their final refuge.

"Look, I can set the temperature on my thermostat from here!" or "Watch this Bubba... I can turn on the Spa heater an hour before getting home!"

We're so accustomed to the exchange of freedom for security that now we're trading it for convenience.

Comment: Re:First time a Muslim packs one with explosives (Score 1) 162

by rmdingler (#49389333) Attached to: How long until our skies are filled with drones?

Who the heck nicknamed them ISIS, with the same spelling as a god from an entirely different (paegan) religion?! I guess the reporters must have been to stupid to call them Dese or some other phonetically similar name...

Ahem...We are the same people who brought you the month-day-year format of star-date reckoning, and, the homogenous distance "football fields".

Comment: I hope you're right as the mail (Score 1) 162

by rmdingler (#49389305) Attached to: How long until our skies are filled with drones?

it's going to be a matter of time before a plain old stupid terrorist attack is carried out using a drone.

There are those who would argue this has already happened. Just depends on who you ask.

I purchased a used telly once, taking over payments for a friend who had it on installments from the furniture place. It had a remote control included, which I promptly threw away. The logic I recall using was, Jesus Chraist, how exhausting an activity is television viewing that one might need to avoid standing up to change the channel?

If we can convince the folks bent on destruction for entertainment to sit on their hind ends and remotely attack us...Shit, we've got them!

Now? If the remote's batteries are weak, I might get up and post on /., for all the trouble.

Comment: Re:Power supply costs, BMs and shi5 (Score 1) 198

There was a movement at a college not long ago, a green movement to be exact (have to be specific with the /. demographic), and the average electrical savings for various infinitesimal lifestyle changes was quite remarkable.

Leaving the phone charger plugged in, for example, uses an average of .26 watts versus 2.24 when your link to the civilized world is charging... and, don't get me started on the cost of leaving a single DVR cable box plugged in year round. According top the 1st random study google provided, $43 and change.

Moral: Don't be a selfish dick... plug your shit in when you're ready to use it.

Comment: Re:Either Way (Score 1) 737

by rmdingler (#49344381) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident
If so, this story is still icing the lead on each of the 24 hour news cycle repeaters. Unfortunately, a lot of folks bent on killing themselves will still be attracted to this infamous way out.

Single pilot plane crashes, parachutes that don't open, and weapons that misfire during cleaning are each acceptable ways out for the ones tired of life. Taking numerous folks with you so that they remember your name or so your pile of virgins is higher are remarkably contagious conditions.

Put your best foot forward. Or just call in and say you're sick.