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Comment: Re:I dont think it was kids. (Score 3, Funny) 106

by rmdingler (#49151535) Attached to: Vandalism In Arizona Shuts Down Internet and Phone Service
Your response was cogent, logical, and a sound observation. GP's was needy and conspiratorial.

And you are down (-4) moderations, if we were keeping score.

If you infer from this example that even smart people are drawn to the superstitious and contrived, then at the very least, your reading comprehension skills are sound.

Comment: Re:Just damn (Score 1) 372

by rmdingler (#49150987) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83
Nimoy was sublime. Conquering the tobacco addiction was but one example.

Virtually every smoker could quit cold turkey if each could be made to spend one day as his future self with final stage lung cancer. The strength of its addiction begins in the chemical with the brain's own nicotinic receptors, but it's finished with the silky slow pace with which it wrecks its havoc.

Thirteen days without one of those delectable little heart-stoppers, and I fight a couple of strong urges a day. The most difficult one is the next one.

Comment: Re:Just y'know... reconnect them spinal nerves (Score 2) 203

by rmdingler (#49146051) Attached to: Surgeon: First Human Head Transplant May Be Just Two Years Away

Agreed, the spinal nerves get where they are during fetal development, and slicing through them pretty thoroughly kills off the distal parts of the axons (Wallerian degeneration). If this could be done now, then there wouldn't be any paraplegic or quadriplegic people. And then what are they going to do about tissue rejection, when the tissue being rejected is the entire head?

Pretty much this, although I suspect cloning a body made from your own cell(s) will be plausible at or before spinal nerves are fused successfully.

I'd be more pleased if they'd move forward on this body part cloning research before I need a heart, lung, or liver.

Comment: Re:The Keystone Pipeline already exists (Score 4, Informative) 429

by rmdingler (#49123049) Attached to: Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill
You sound like a poster who knows a thing or two about the oil business. Since through three of your posts, and I haven't read down very far, there has been no mention of the quality of your tar sands crude, perhaps we should start there. It's not Brent sweet light crude, it's not West Texas Intermediate, shit, it's fucking bitumen. It's great for asphault, roofing shingles, and sealing your canoe per the First Canadians first use.

The shit's dirty. If we needed fuel to escape orbit to avoid imminent planetary disaster, and we've squandered our other options, maybe, but damn, just on the outside chance the climate change scientists are correct in their hypothesis... right?

Comment: Re:UPS - No Problem. (Score 1) 315

by rmdingler (#49122849) Attached to: FedEx Won't Ship DIY Gunsmithing Machine
Yes. Someone posted a link on here a year or two ago concerning a shovel being repurposed into a repeating rifle... no great task in the grand scheme of things where the metallurgy craft and tools were present.

This is an obvious attempt to market a piece of machinery with an advertised single purpose... even though that may not accurately reflect the product.

Move along now... nothing here worth wadding up your undergarments.

Computer Science is merely the post-Turing decline in formal systems theory.