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Comment: Re:not true because... (Score 1) 149

by rmdingler (#47571083) Attached to: The Problems With Drug Testing
Most of the companies who can afford to pay a wage that allows for few comforts do business with the government, or do business with a company that does business with the government.... short story: there will be drug screening.

Construction companies drug screen at employment inception and when there's an accident.

It's unlawful search (and seizure of your body fluids), but hell, it's a free country... you can work for yourself.

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by rmdingler (#47570777) Attached to: Amazon's eBook Math
There is an undisclosed cost to be paid for operating on the sole advantage of being the lowest bidder for my Dinar.

If the customer is only loyal to price, she or he is only beholden to your retail outlet as long as you are the lowest. So to stay in business, that's what you'll always be...Shout Out to you Walmart.

If on the other hand, you use your marginally-profitable market share to expand product and service lines in a successful bid for brand loyalty, well you're officially crafty. Props to Amazon.

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From Big Pharma's perspective, with the involuntary testing of prison inmates off the table in most Western countries, the homeless population presents a viable alternative who are statistically unlikely to pursue litigation.

From a humanitarian perspective, the quandary is "Do we want to allow the weakest among us to make decisions they are unqualified to properly weigh?"

I will leave the ethics to others, but ultimately, as future consumers of these tested pharmaceuticals, do we want to rely on results that are likely skewed because the test subjects were also taking heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine?

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by rmdingler (#47562771) Attached to: The Hobbit: the Battle of Five Armies Trailer Released
That's what I thought to begin with during the First Trilogy, to be quite frank, and I probably wouldn't have suffered the first 6 hours of "incomplete story" except that my boys were children and I was accustomed to being disappointed at movies they preferred.

Yawn like the Spiderman movies.

Midway through the final chapter of the Trilogy, when Theoden's rallying the troops on the hill and the sun is rising... man, I'm All In. I'll give this the benefit of the doubt.

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by rmdingler (#47562121) Attached to: 35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'
Father here.

Just accompanied my son to a credit union to begin to build his credit with a secured card... he wants a newer vehicle, has saved well, and was able to transfer the necessary security from his account with the financial institution for his pending secured credit line.

His loan officer told him his credit score would reflect more positively if he used only about 60% of his available credit line each month, and left 15 or 20 dollars per month in carryover balance, instead of paying off the entire balance each month.

Truth or bullshit?

You will lose an important disk file.