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Comment: Re:Yeah sorry, no (Score 1) 299

by rmayes100 (#48003777) Attached to: Forest Service Wants To Require Permits For Photography
The dead give away should be that the Forest Service is part of the US Department of Agriculture. Our forests represent the largest crop in North America if not the world. That's part of the reason pine beetles are killing a lot of the forests in the western half of the US, because they are not forests at all, they are mono-culture stands of lodge pole pines with all the susceptibility to pests and disease that any other mono-culture crop represents.

Comment: Re:Who cares about succinctness .... (Score 1) 165

by rmayes100 (#47984425) Attached to: Rosetta Code Study Weighs In On the Programming Language Debate
I used to think this as well but it is not backed up by the data in the study linked to above (read the actual pdf paper). They compare the number of errors per language and the less succinct languages (C, C#, Java etc) actually have fewer errors than the succinct ones like Python and Ruby. In fact Python, which was the most succinct language, had the lowest percentage (79%) of programs that ran without timeout or errors.

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