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Comment: Re:Lol (Score 1) 140

by RyuuzakiTetsuya (#49784631) Attached to: A Text Message Can Crash An iPhone and Force It To Reboot

Problem with this case is that people who don't speak languages that use latin characters are going to be pissed that they can't get texts in their language.

The real bigger problem is that Unicode is hard, and it's probably some weird unchecked buffer overflow or something stupid. What's strange is that when another text is sent, the problem case solves itself and the messaging app becomes usable again.

Comment: Context (Score 2) 47

by Bruce Perens (#49782349) Attached to: SpaceX Cleared For US Military Launches

This ends a situation in which two companies that would otherwise have been competitive bidders decided that it would cost them less to be a monopoly, and created their own cartel. Since they were a sole provider, they persuaded the government to pay them a Billion dollars a year simply so that they would retain the capability to manufacture rockets to government requirements.

Yes, there will be at least that Billion in savings and SpaceX so far seems more than competitive with the prices United Launch Alliance was charging. There will be other bidders eventually, as well.

Comment: Re:What is the difference of these 2 positions? (Score 1) 143

by RyuuzakiTetsuya (#49776721) Attached to: Apple Design Guru Jony Ive Named Chief Design Officer

I think they can just saw through where the land sticks like a giant model sprue and turn it into a giant floatilla They can float the entire nation outside of the bay area by sailing the whole thing past the Cape of Good Hope. Going around South America would be faster but that would mean floating all of Britain near the Faulkland Islands and well...

Comment: Re:Why would I want a Facebook account? (Score 2) 185

You are incredibly self-absorbed if you think anyone other than the slash-shit echo chamber cares the slightest whether you would ever sign in to FB

So basically everyone on the planet should trust their private information to an untrustworthy data-mining company. And we're just supposed to... all be fine with this and hope that it works out?

Comment: Re:wrong (Score 1) 378

by Rakarra (#49754655) Attached to: What Was the Effect of Rand Paul's 10-Hour "Filibuster"?

Others, especially in the Salon's comment section have already pointed out some of the fallacies with a few of those flip-flops, but I'll focus on the contraception position because no one else has, and it is hardly a flip flop. He's one of the folks who believes that life begins at conception, no later. So for him, the morning after pill is not a contraceptive because it terminates a fertilized embryo, which would make it an abortion method.

His stance is fairly consistent if you believe that before fertilization = contraceptive, after fertilization = abortion. It's a bit sneaky to say that the morning after pill is the same sort of "contraceptive" that a condom is.

Paul's support of the Blunt Amendment is also perfectly in line with his support and with his libertarian principles that people are perfectly fine to do what they wish with themselves or consenting adults, but others shouldn't have to pay for their actions.

Comment: Re:Stability (Score 2) 413

by drerwk (#49742979) Attached to: The Reason For Java's Staying Power: It's Easy To Read

A huge standard library that has been stable for 20 years (backward compatible as much as humanly possible) has a lot to do with it as well.

In other languages, I feel like I have to re-learn basic elements every decade to "how it's done now"...

No kidding - especially the socket libraries that let me write network code in the later 90s that would work on Sun, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Getting cross platform network code to work in C at that time was quite painful. And I don't recall any C++ libraries that I found pleasant to use before boost, and now Qt. And even now, while I consider boost essential, it's really only pleasant in the same way as no longer having to get your braces tightened qualifies as pleasant.

Comment: Re:ENOUGH with the politics! (Score 1) 1090

by RyuuzakiTetsuya (#49736097) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour

Who is seriously calling Gates scum for giving away his money?

You're missing out on the key fact that Gates, Vanderbilt, etc. all made their money ruthlessly. It's not that they're rich, it's that they're rich and got rich by being an asshole.

Usually to make billions and become a tycoon you have to break a few eggs.

There are some great examples of hyper wealthy people who didn't, like Warren Buffet(relatively speaking; compare Berkshire Hathaway vs Bain Capital).

I mean, say what you want about Apple's pricing structure or business practices(including the non compete deals with other firms), but they didn't make their money like Microsoft did with incredibly onerous OEM licensing deals. They made products. They made them desirable. Then they sold products.

Steve Jobs' estate and Steve Wozniak sure are wealthy, but they didn't make off with as much as they could.

You're seriously missing he forest for the trees here.

Comment: Network Basics (Score 1) 302

They ought to know the basics of how a network is put together. Understand vocabulary like router, server, LAN, WAN, ethernet, packet. Not saying they're all going to be future sysadmins, but people who understand how data gets from one place to another definitely have an advantage in today's world.

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