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Ditto, from my WinMob-based Dopod 838pro which I had from 2006 to 2010, vs every touchscreen phone I've owned since then. I send fewer and shorter emails from the phone nowadays, and even my sms messages have gotten shorter (from comfortably typing ~8 unit/1200 character messages on the Dopod to now usually staying below ~3 unit/450 character messages).

+ - How do you wipe an Android tablet?

Submitted by UrsaMajor987
UrsaMajor987 (3604759) writes "I have a Asus Transformer tablet that I dropped on the floor. There is no obvious sign of damage but It will no longer boot. Good excuse to get a newer model. I intend to sell it for parts (it comes with an undamaged keyboard) or maybe just toss it. I want to remove all my personal data. I removed the flash memory card but what about the other storage? I know how to wipe a hard drive, but how do you wipe a tablet?"

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On non-SSL sites they can proxy content, which in general is a good thing. Trouble comes if they start gaming the system and not showing the freshest content to give a perceived gain in speed.

That's also the strategy that Netflix offered to Comcast, to let Comcast proxy Netflix data. Comcast refused, because they want the Netflix problem. It's to their benefit that the "problem" exists, and they don't want a clever technological solution to the issue as Netflix competes with Comcast's own services. They just want Netflix to pay them cash instead.

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by Rakarra (#47547917) Attached to: Bose Sues New Apple Acquisition Beats Over Patent Violations

Hey man, you don't need to be an audiophile to know that much of the rest of the speaker industry is better than Bose. We're not talking sloppy tubes or gold-plated ding-dongs or weird vinyl artifacts. These are observations from pretty much every industry or review magazine, observations that are easily objectively measured. If speakers are on the low end of accurate sound reproduction, there's really not that much preference about it.

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by Rakarra (#47547893) Attached to: Bose Sues New Apple Acquisition Beats Over Patent Violations

Bose does research. They do their work, probably more than "Beats" did. They deserve credit for that. Sure, Bose's products sound like shit up and down the product lines, and the old audiophile refrain was "got no highs, got no lows, must be Bose." Companies change over time, though, maybe in the last five years Bose improved the quality of their speakers, but there were not great in the 80s, 90s, 00s. But hey, at least they're a semi-reputable audio company.

Beats was the headphone partner of Monster Cable for the last few years, which fits. Both are overpriced and overrated self-promoters. Monster tried to get their cables in to all the Best Buys and Radio Shacks it could, getting store managers to promote the products ceaselessly. They're not terrible cables, just 5x more expensive than they should be. Beats went the hip-hop artist crowd, just like Monster getting a clueless crowd to push their products incessantly. Both are examples of success through product promotion rather than... you know, having a better product.

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If they started charging comcast/timewarner/cox/whoever for Internet services they would be double dipping. This cost would certainly be passed on to users who would be unhappy to be paying twice for the same service.

Just like how Comcast double-dips by grabbing fees from the user -and- the end website?

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It sounds like this transformer had its center tap grounded and was the path to ground on one side of a ground loop as the geomagnetic field moved under pressure from a CME, inducing a common-mode current in the long-distance power line. A gas pipeline in an area of poor ground conductivity in Russia was also destroyed, it is said, resulting in 500 deaths.

One can protect against this phenomenon by use of common-mode breakers and perhaps even overheat breakers. The system will not stay up but nor will it be destroyed. This is a high-current rather than high-voltage phenomenon and thus the various methods used to dissipate lightning currents might not be effective.

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