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New Startup Hopes to Push Open Source Pharmaceuticals 101 101

waderoush writes "Nothing like the open source computing movement has ever caught fire in biology or pharmaceuticals, where intellectual property is king. But drawing inspiration from the people who make Linux software, and the social networking success of Facebook, Merck's cancer research leader has nailed down $5 million to launch a nonprofit biology platform called Sage, which aims to make it easier for researchers around the world to pool their data to make better drugs. 'We see this becoming like the Google of biological science. It will be such an informative platform, you won't be able to make decisions without it,' says Merck's Eric Schadt, a co-founder of Sage. He adds: 'We want this to be like the Internet. Nobody owns it.'"

Microsoft To Open Retail Stores 535 535

chaz373 writes "CNET reports that Microsoft is going retail. In the 'Beyond Binary' blog Ina Fried reports, 'After years of brushing off the notion, Microsoft said on Thursday that it will open up its own line of retail stores. Without detailing the plans, Microsoft said it has hired David Porter, a 25-year Wal-Mart veteran, to lead the effort. Sources say that Porter's mission will be to develop the company's retail plans and that the effort is likely to start small with just a few locations.'"

Google Challenging Proposition 8 1475 1475

theodp writes "Coming the day after it announced layoffs and office closures, Google's California Supreme Court filing arguing for the overturn of Proposition 8, which asks the Court not to harm its ability to recruit and retain employees, certainly could have been better timed. Google's support of same-sex marriage puts it on the same page with Dan'l Lewin, Microsoft's man in Silicon-Valley, who joined other tech leaders last October to denounce Prop 8 in a full-page newspaper ad. But oddly, Microsoft HR Chief Mike Murray cited religious beliefs for his decision to contribute $100,000 to 'Yes On 8', surprising coming from the guy who had been charged with diversity and sensitivity training during his ten-year Microsoft stint. "

Comment Re:Already demonstrated at MIT (Score 1) 265 265

From reading the cached article it claims that Minkowsky won in that as the above poster cites that the photon momentum is proportional to the index of refraction "n". However, if that is true then wouldn't the substance move in the opposite direction of motion of the photon to conserve total momentum since the photon momentum is increasing since the index goes from 1 to >1 ?
This is opposite from what the fine article claims.

Just sayin'


Google Router Rumors 267 267

An anonymous reader writes "There's a new rumor that Google is developing its own router. The company won't comment on the story, but it's been in the hardware business for a while and expanded its presence with Android. If Larry Ellison can go halvsies with HP on a server, then Eric Schmidt should certainly be able to make Cisco nervous."

Leap Second To Be Added Dec 31, 2008 255 255

ammorris writes "Don't be the laughingstock of your friends when you shout 'Happy New Years' a second too early ... The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service has announced that a leap second will be added on December 31, 2008 at 23h 59m 60s, meaning that this year will be exactly one second longer. The last leap second occurred Dec 31, 2005; they are added due to fluctuations in the rotational speed of the earth. You can read all about leap seconds on Wikipedia."

Comment Re:I don't get the big deal.... (Score 1, Insightful) 280 280

Sure, I feel sorry for you, but you could have used the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) to continue your group health care (at your own expense). Therefore, you made a choice and unfortunately you gambled and got bit by the consequences.

Now you're griping because some other insurance company doesn't want to pick up a pre-existing condition. Why should they? It was your choice not to have health insurance. They're under no obligation. Would you buy a used car or house with serious problems? No, so why expect someone else pay the cost for your own choice.

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