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Submission BBC iPlayer to stream for Linux & Mac users->

Albanach writes: The BBC has confirmed that television shows available to download for Windows users within the UK will be available to Linux and Mac users by the year end. The BBC has signed a deal with adobe to make streaming versions of these programmes available using Flash. While the BBC have not ruled out a download and watch later version for Linux and mac users, they state "It comes down to cost per person and reach at the end of the day".
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Journal Journal: Not much

*Phew* Just got a SSL site up on charon so I can check mail. Its a bit harder when you have to write your own Apache config but you do end up knowing more :)

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Journal Journal: House shopping

Just been shopping for a new house to live in next year. After a bit of driving around finding it we finally managed to find the place (more through our error than odd placement of house). Here is the summary:

Plus -

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Journal Journal: New server!

Well here I am typing to you via the brand new charon (actually just a new HD). Debian is no more and Gentoo is here to stay! Its testament to the power of Linux that I can get the server up and running to mostly its original specs within a day.

So now I'm a totally Debian-free shop.

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Journal Journal: More perl

OK so I got one reply from a bloke who had already dome some work which I had a look at. Looks interesting and I might merge a bit in. Been doing a big cleanup of the code to make it threadsafe (from the PoV of perl, not C#) and support multiple interpreters (where Perl does). Also been tightening up implicit defaults.

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Journal Journal: Server Wonk

*sigh* Charon (my server box) was up and down last night. What I initially put down to hardware failure actually appears to be driver/kernel related. Under heavy load the wifi driver managed to hang the networking stack requiring (since the box is headless) a hard-restart :(. Lots of buggering about last night attempting to upgrade the kernel/WiFi driver and interfacing with Debian's fundamentally broken kernel system. Really they should just admit that APT/dpkg, whilst wond

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Journal Journal: Grr

Missed the bus by seconds this morning -- been cutting it closer and closer I suppose. Anyhow, decided to walk instead and felt a bit better for doing so, it was a lovely morning, cool and sunny without being bright.

Just had a looooong discussion in the tea-room about Wireless network infrastructure. I think the CO was somewhat suprised at my random knowledge of some features of the network here, amazing what you find out if you just keep your ears open.

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Journal Journal: More perl...

More wodges of code now. This nicely shows the autoboxing of Scalars and actually does something useful that you /can't/ do easily with the standard .NET framework :).

namespace PerlEmbedExamples {
using System;
using Perl;

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Journal Journal: Not much

Slow news days today and yesterday. Not much to report. Managed to get into work every dayt his week though. Thank fsck its Friday :).

Progress on MasonMail (my attempt to make webmail clients not suck) is going well. Its actually very usable for reading e-mail. This I suspect will be a plateau point, much like where DM is (I seriously need to spend some time on that).

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Journal Journal: Desks

Just finished moving desks. I now have a window and 70 quid that I found hidden in all my crap. Woohoo.

That aside I need to do a bit of work now. Got corrections to The Paper as well as a few chapters of a book to read. Its all go here!

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Journal Journal: Stuff

Went out with James last night. Poor dear has had Jenni go up to Scottie-land and leave him on his own. It was a very 'chilled' night, basically spent in the MCR watching telly.

Woke up early this monring, then went back to bed and fell totally asleep until 1pm. Guess I'm not quite sorted yet. Came in and had fun playing with itteration 2 of The Paper.

Dunno whats happening tonight. Hopefully something relaxing...

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Journal Journal: Mondays...

Well, not much of an entry for the weekend :).

On Saturday Jennie and I got up early and went around bits of the National Science week stuff here with my parents and their French friends. All very nice and very tiring. Still my mother hinted at some exciting financial arrangements so things could be good on that front.

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Journal Journal: Comedy

Gig last naight at Homerton went OK. It was odd working with people we haven't worked with before - they are so unreliable. Right in the middle of '3 words' there was the biggest block I have ever come accross :(.

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