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Comment Re:Nipples and terrorism? (Score 1) 134

I admit that I have never thought of organizations like the EFF, the NRA, and PETA when thinking about corporations being people.

However I want to restrict even these organizations from donating to political candidates. I want political contributions be be limited to human beings. If PETA likes Regan, then all of the individual members of PETA can donate as much as they want. With the added restriction that all of the contributions are made public immediately after the donation is made. Full and immediate disclosure so that nothing is hidden. And Apple, Coke and Ford would have to convince all of their employees to contribute if the company thought Regan is the best candidate. A for-profit company has only one make more money...which is probably not in the best interest of the USA citizens...which is what the politicians should really be concerned with.

Randy - orhaveifallenintoanothertrap?

Comment Re:Star Trek gave us a future to shoot for. (Score 1) 233

Re: nearly limitless power generation capabilities

This is a *requirement* for the Matter Replication and Transmutation and Transporters, and like you said would completely change society. I don't know if it would be the end of Capitalism, but it sure seems like we would certainly be more socialistic.

We currently spend all of our time and energy and resources on energy generation or transmission or conversion. Eliminating that should free up so much of our time and resources everyone might get to pick what they want to, poet, accountant, heck even *student*. A lifetime of simply learning. How's that for utopia?

The trouble is it's all impossible and against the laws of physics. Sigh. How's that for pessimism?

Comment Do the Division (Score 1) 201

From the article:
  "In 2013, 14,000 kilograms of testosterone were sold in the United States. That might not sound like much, but a typical adult male has just 0.000000035 kilograms of testosterone floating around in his bloodstream."

That means that enough testosterone was produced to increase the amount of testosterone in *every* man in the world by 200 times. WOW! I wonder what the effects are of a 1000x increase...that some men must be getting?

Comment Re:Optometrist? (Score 1) 464

I eventually made this same decision after attempting to use a pair of progressive trifocals. I likewise could never get used to the small window where my computer screen was in focus, so I also decided to ditch them for a bi-focal and a single focus for my computer monitors.

Yes, it's somewhat of a pain to switch the glasses every time I get up and sit down, but my eyes like it much better.

Randy - andluckilyiamnotelligibleforlasiksinceiamafraidtohavealasarshotintomyeyes

Comment Re:"This is windows support calling... (Score 1) 129

I've gotten two of these phone calls in the past few months. The first time I followed their instructions up until the point that they wanted to take over my computer. They pointed me to a legitimate screen sharing application. I gave them the wrong access code. Once the caller realized I wasn't going to fall for the scam, he got ANGRY and told me that *tomorrow* he was going to destroy my computer. I challenged him to do it now. :-) I should have told him my IP address was

I still wonder *what* he was going to do once he took control. Setup a remote control SPAM bot? Encrypt everything? Or simply ask for $500.00 to "fix" all the problems?

If I had an old throwaway system, I would have pointed him to that...but then I would be worried that he would have been able to infect my other computers on my network...maybe.

Randy -- regardlessitwasfun

Comment Quarantined for *any* symptoms (Score 1) 349

I believe that any person who treated a symptomatic Ebola patient should be quarantined for 21 days...IF...they exhibit *any* symptoms...even a simple fever.

While I understand the medicine and science, this disease is just too dangerous to take any chances.

If you happened to be around one of *these* health care workers, then I believe that self monitoring *might* be enough.

Part of the issue isn't simply medical...there is also public reaction which is irrational...but it's there.

Randy --yesinconsistentandirrationalandunscientific

Comment Re:Computer vision... (Score 2) 145 a point. It's mainly limited by domain or function. Can drive on well known established paths. Or only when *all* the cars communicate with each other. Or at slow speeds.

It'll be a long time before a car can drive on an expressway, through a construction zone, then past a parade in your home town and respond correctly to a police officer's hand waving instructions past an accident.

I'm beginning to believe that we are still 20 years from fully autonomous self-driving cars.

Randy -- althoughireallyhopeilivetoseeit

Comment Re:My favorite Alto application: Mazewar (Score 1) 121

I also worked for Xerox at Webster, NY from '80-'90. The Altos were utterly amazing, as well as the software that ran on them...Pilot OS, Mesa, SIL for creating schematics, Swat for debugging. It spoiled me. Even programming on the Sun hardware and OS years later was a step down.

My favorite game was Polish Pong, but I loved Star Trek too.

Randy Stegbauer -- thosewerethedays

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 275

I see two cases.

1. The object floats on top of the water, and displaces it's weight in water and the water level remains the same.
2. The object sinks below the surface of the water and displaces it's *volume* of water and the water level goes down.

Randy -- iamnotapysicist,butrememberansweringthistrickquestionbefore,butmayhavemisremembered

Comment Return or not to return? (Score 1) 219

My first question was if it was to be a one way or two way mission. Those are two *completely* different problems and costs!

I would guess 10 years for one and 20 for two.

If I wasn't married, I would go...but recall that a while back *they* were looking for *married* couples to go to Mars. Do you think they'll want the wisdom and fear of a 60 year old couple?

-- Randy

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