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by rjstanford (#47893251) Attached to: iPhone 6 Sales Crush Means Late-Night Waits For Some Early Adopters

That's missing the biggest piece of the ApplePay announcement; in-app purchase support at below-card-present rates for the merchant, without having Apple as a direct participant in the payment chain. That's absolutely massive and has far more potential to be a game changer.

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Its the same reason that when you go to a shopping mall, even though presence in the mall lends an air of "respectability" to the stores within the mall, even if you bought and then used a mall-wide gift card, the property management company isn't under any responsibility to make sure that an individual store ships you your purchases.

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This is really nothing more than Google Wallet but for the iPhone. That is a good thing IMHO since it means more stores will start taking NFC. The folks at the 7/11 where so impressed when I paid with my phone 2 years ago.

Not at all. Google - like Paypal - actually inserts itself into the midst of the payment flow. Apple does not. They may be getting a couple of points on the backend, but that's a completely different technical and financial relationship than Google and the others have been trying to get.

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Sure, I just read about a deaf kid that wasn't allowed to sign his own name at school because the sign language gesture for his name included something that looked like a gun, and the school had a strict "no guns" policy. It lasted about two weeks. That's both more significant and longer in duration because this embargo (and any embargo) isn't a human rights violation. It's the equivalent of a store saying, "No, you threw rocks at our window last year, and you were given a lifetime ban. We refuse to do business with you ever again."

Or rather, "Your uncle through rocks at our window 50 years ago, and you and your family were given lifetime bans." Which begins to trend much closer to institutionalized racism than any kind of even theoretically reasonable policy.

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The BBC is a good bet. The international site of CNN is fairly solid. And actually, MSNBC - while they're far more left-leaning than Fox - would be considered neutral by most of the rest of the West and fair far better on fact checking than you might expect. The "liberal media" generally leans right (as happens when consolidation allows it to be mostly owned by a few billionaires), so it ends up looking far more "biased" than it actually is.

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Its a very different proposition to have an "always on" proximity-activtated chip (such as those embedded into your credit cards) and one that's only active for a single transaction based on a physical finger-swipe. The whole point is that even when (not if) the communication is intercepted, what you end up with is like sniffing SSL traffic - you could replay the "Please pay Target $20 to fulfill exactly this invoice" conversation, certainly, but that's not particularly useful to a thief. Having the physical TouchID in the middle also ensures that the phone isn't chatting to just anyone at random times.

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Actually, they're not - they're storing a newly created token that represents the combination of the card and your phone's "fingerprint" (pun intended). Due to the way that the NFC card payment handshaking works, its useless without the phone (or an emulator for the phone) and can be trivially marked as invalid.

To put it bluntly, while it isn't perfect its an order of magnitude better than an unchanging magstripe is, which is why Apple is rumored to have convinced Visa et al to approve "card present" rates for Apple Pay transactions which will greatly increase adoption - especially with the combination of app purchases and card-present rates. That's huge.

Once again, its not about the technology, its about combining the technology with a smashingly good business relationship.

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Uber is really two different service providers. There's "Uber Black" that provides usually very nice black car services with professional drivers at 20-40% higher rates than a taxi - I love this personally and use it a ton when I travel. Then there's UberX which tries to do the same with random individuals who own a car for 20-40% lower rates than a taxi. These two services have almost nothing to do with each other, and its the second one that everyone basically has a problem with.

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I have both MIUI and iOS devices and can confidently say they are very different to use. MIUI is incredibly clever and intuitive, truly thoughtful touches like a zoom bubble when you're editing text pervade the whole UI. iOS feels quite dated and primitive by comparison.

Only on /. does one of the few on-topic posts in a thread get modded -1, Offtopic.

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Maybe I've missed them domestically, but I think that the IVR synchronization may be as useful and as game-changing in some ways as Visual Voicemail was for the original iPhone. Its a great way to mirror digital presentment with traditional capabilities.

Having said that, yeah the overall theme is totally iOS derived.

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I don't need to maintain my scripts, they work the first time. No fires to put out. No one offs.
I am not lazy or incompetent. My stuff actually works too well.
I do fear automating myself out of work.

Wow, it must be interesting to work in an environment where your inputs, outputs, environment, and processing requirements never change.

Never trust a computer you can't repair yourself.