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Comment: Re:why not a web page? (Score 1) 161

by rjstanford (#49563741) Attached to: Has the Native Vs. HTML5 Mobile Debate Changed?

Sure, I won't have access to Bluetooth or the device's sensors, but most LoB software doesn't need that

And if you did, Phonegap gives it to you basically for free. Even if there's some bleeding edge API you absolutely must have that they don't support, writing wrappers is fairly trivial (just a Java or ObjC file with no business logic that says, "Expose this API call as this JS call" a few times, basically).

Comment: Re:There goes most of Shadow IT (Score 1) 190

by rjstanford (#49529299) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Device Guard For Windows 10

That customer deliverable that people have been pulling 16 hour shifts to get done, which is due tomorrow? It depends on a complicated .NET app written in C# using heavy Excel automation. Now they have to rewrite it in VBA, or maybe your deliverable just won't get delivered.

Or if it comes to that then, as a developer, you can just sign the app, you know. The fact that other OSs have had these features for years with none of these issues just makes your complaints look even more ridiculous.

Comment: Re:FTFY (Score 1) 190

by rjstanford (#49529237) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Device Guard For Windows 10

The way that OS X solves the issue is that unsigned apps can still be run, but they require a more explicit first-time-only execution (right-click -> open which then displays a confirmation dialog indicating the app name and the website it was downloaded from) as opposed to signed apps that just run like normal. Its very unobtrusive, never even happens for most people, and works very well in the "least amount of tech to solve the problem" sense.

Comment: Re:Negotiating is necessary. (Score 1) 892

That's likely to fail, because your conditions have nothing to do with your value. Your best-world case should, if you have the track record and experience to justify it, include the fact that with you along they're likely to ship that new product 6 months faster producing an extra $2mm in cash flow next year (or whatever the scenario is), making hiring you at a high rate something that's actually good business sense for the company. You'll find that people are far more willing to talk about compensation under those terms than you might think.

If you're going to just be another cog in a big machine with no real direct impact as to whether or not the company earns back your salary .5X or 50X, then expect to get paid what all of the other cogs are getting paid +/- 2%, at least at first.

Comment: Re:Is negotiation a skill required for the job? (Score 1) 892

So in this scenario you'd also be getting a different titleor pay grade, which would include public recognition that the company does indeed consider you better than those who in the current situation are seen by people on other teams as your "peers". Is that so bad?

Comment: Re:Is negotiation a skill required for the job? (Score 1) 892

Are you kidding? Hiring, especially in the high-tech space, is really hard. Finding good people takes a very long time and can be painfully expensive, in actual costs, training costs, and opportunity costs while you don't have someone in that space. I'd much rather pay someone a few thousand more and let them use whatever gear will make them most productive than nickel and dime them so that they can be lured away by someone willing to respect them.

Comment: Re: Tabs vs Spaces (Score 1) 428

by rjstanford (#49437587) Attached to: Stack Overflow 2015 Developer Survey Reveals Coder Stats

That's why tabs should be used for leading indentation only - if you want to arbitrarily line something up intraline, use spaces, that's what they're for.

Better yet, don't do that - doing so introduces a really annoying problem in which anyone making a tweak either has to change all the other lines (showing a big confusing diff in source control) or leave something ragged (which defeats the entire purpose).

With autocomplete in most rational editors working well, there's no reason to ever do "var x // current row position" when you can say "var currentRowPosition" and leave it at that instead of forcing people to go back and reference your previous comments.

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