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Comment Re: What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 135

Yes, but Niantic reviews the submissions and either approves or denies them. There's a whole section on G+ Niantic setup for handle Portal Appeals (when Niantic denies your submissions, you can post the photo, location, and why you think it should be a portal. Other players can vote yes or no on it, and with enough votes Niantic will review the submission again).

In the end, Niantic (or whoever they hired.. unpaid interns maybe?) are the ones who either approve or deny the portals that go into the game.

Comment Because K9 sucks like most (Score 1) 179

for any sort of Exchange email.

Nine works great but costs something like $10 and doesn't do pop or imap.

There was another app (IIRC it has a paper airplane icon) worked okay with exchange as well. The rest, if you setup folders, you don't get alerts if a new email lands in a folder outside of or a sub-folder of INBOX.

Comment "below market royalties" confuses me.... (Score 2) 218

If the terrestrial radio stations aren't paying anything... and there's now one US Satellite music company basically... how in the hell can you say the one satellite music company that IS paying you at least something is paying "below market royalties". I mean, what are they calling the "market" royalties as the only other thing really left is internet streaming, which they made sure years ago to put in place a crazy high rate.

Was that the plan all along? Get internet radio stations to have to pay some crazy royalty fee and then later bitch that the other options, like satellite, are paying a "below market royalty" compared to internet streaming? I mean, it's not really below market, it's just lower than your extremely high forced/made up market price...

Comment Re:Apple vs. Other Devices (Score 1) 240

I also have a 1.5A cigarette light.. errrr "Power Port" charger that will charge my gt-i9300 S3 just fine but will NOT charge my wife's international Note II. It will for a short while if she's using it, then the phone will start making the charger connected sound over and over. The only way for it to charge her phone is to turn the phone off. The Note II just pulls too much power with the screen, battery etc and seems to overheat the charger. (Not that I'd expect this to happen with an iPhone but thought I'd share)

Comment Re: I agree (Score 2) 312

Same with me... PDF manuals are great but I print the sections I need and highlight, or read the PDF while copy/pasting or typing the sections I need and printing my version out.

Same deal with when I do remote starts. So much easier to have a hard copy on hand than messing with a PDF or website on a damn laptop or handheld

Comment I guess I'm confused but... (Score 1) 178

"One model of TiVo’ s new all-digital DVRs would include ATSC over-the-air reception capability; this model, therefore, requires waiver of both the DCR Rules and Section 15.117(b)’s dual analog/digital tuner requirement."

Why does it need a waiver of the rules and Section 15.117(b) when all OTA broadcasts (and pretty much all other forms of broadcast) are now digital and not analog? I mean the FCC mandated the analog to digital OTA switch over... I guess I'm just really confused or our government is really that SLOW and/or doesn't know what the heck the other sections are doing even when it's plastered all over the news... ??

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 230

not quite, because how do you *know* it's the best way? You don't. it's just the best way of the ways you know, but there are many unknown ways of which some could be better.

For your example: "It's like having a screwdriver and then trying to invent a hammer that's different from a screwdriver but does the same thing."

It'd be more like "It's like having a screwdriver and then trying to invent something that's different from a screw driver but does the same thing, such as an electric drill or screw driver, and then beyond that a cordless drill or screw driver"

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