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Comment It's like carpet bombing ourselves (Score 1, Insightful) 126

I'm not a big fan of government, or cops, or government cops, and I'd wear a tinfoil hat if I could afford the tinfoil, but releasing a blanket list of 20,000 employees seems more evil than good. I'd like to think that at least 20-30% of the people who work for the FBI aren't evil - maybe 10-15% for the NSA - and those people shouldn't all have their names and emails released on a stolen list. Go after the corrupt ones, post pictures of their illegal affairs and taking money under the table, wiretap their homes and release tapes of them talking about the 47%, but I'm not ready to lump them all together as evil and make a list for some psycho to use as target practice.

Comment No Wii U or 3DS either (Score 1) 233

Amazon sells both the PS4 and Xbox One but not the Wii U, maybe Nintendo should sue them? I really don't see how Amazon should be required by law to sell any device it doesn't want to. I don't see any violation of race, religion or sexual orientation or age or anything else, it' just electronics. Target stopped selling Amazon Fire tablets a couple of years ago, don't recall anybody getting their panties in a bunch.

Submission + - $27 Minecraft has no phone support? (

rjejr writes: My son received a $26.95 PC Mincecraft card for his birthday in Jan 2015. Yesterday afternoon he tried to log in but but the account wouldn't let him. On his AT launcher program there was another users name xxLucasGamerBrxx where his should be. His email also had several strange "Thanks for singing up emails" in his in box. So apparently somebody figured out his password, changed it and the email, ie stole his account. But that's not my real problem, which is Minecraft has been around for several years, $26.95 on PC, $6.95 on phones and tablets, $20 on home consoles. Microsoft just paid $2.5 Billion for Mojang and Minecraft. But there is no help phone number. Not even a web chat. I was on the phone with 4 different people at Microsoft for an hour and they all acted like they had never even heard of the game. This is ridiculous. This isn't some free web browser flash game crashing, it's a $27 game owned by Microsoft and there is only email help which doesn't have as much as an autoreply.
I know he isn't the first Minecraft user to have his account stolen, how does Microsoft avoid this without getting in trouble with the BBB or somebody? Can anybody please help?

Comment Well that might explain it (Score 1) 275

I'd been using uTorrent for about a year or 2 now but the past few weekso the downloads have been super slow, regardless of the number of seeders leechers, time of day, anything, that made sense. This might make sense. And how many Chinese and Russian women do I really need to date anyway? Thanks to all the suggestions, I'll uninstall and try qbittorrent on Monday.

Comment I'm no expert (Score 1) 36

I'm not sure what the difference is between these trackers and Kick@ss and TPB, or clicking on the little magnet as opposed to all the other options, but I hope somebody is monitoring the before and after effect of Time Warners upcoming HBO Go Solo or whatever they'll be calling the stand alone service. Should be interesting to see if anybody decides to pay for GoT. Of course I'm sure it will be US only so the rest of the world will still be getting GoT by any means necessary. Just hope it comes online before April 12.

Comment Re:Not underwhelms, a little off predicted target. (Score 3, Insightful) 397

Western Suffolk. Just spent over an hour shoveling over a foot of snow out of my driveway. The whiners can SHOVE IT, WE GOT OUR FREAKIN' BLIZZARD. A huge monstrous storm did exactly what they said, but it was 35 miles east of where they said. A storm that was probably over 300 miles long and 75 miles wide barely missed it's target. It was real, it happened, it's still happening in New England Tuesday afternoon. Landfall was a little off, that's it, not underwhelming, not a conspiracy, a little off the predicted model tract.

Comment Re:LOL! Firefox has 10% of the market! (Score 1) 400

Been using Dolphin for 3 years on my Tab 2 and Tab 4, Chrome never worked right for me though it's my PC browser on desktop, latop and Netbook. Yes, I still use my Asus EEE on occasion. The new Dolphin home screen stays put as well, why does Google have to keep shuffling everything, are they big LMFAO fans?

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