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Email to unicast Senior VP  *Tuesday January 20, 2004 @03:26PM  2
   attached to Commercials Come To The Net (After This Word)
Re:Picking of Nits  *Wednesday March 06, 2002 @11:46AM  3, Funny
oh, and one other thing (clever troll)  *Wednesday March 06, 2002 @10:39AM 1 0, Offtopic
Picking of Nits  *Wednesday March 06, 2002 @10:31AM 1 2
   attached to DesignTechnica Reviews Motorola Accompli 009
Re:how embaressing  *Wednesday March 06, 2002 @11:01AM  2
   attached to The Timex Speedpass Watch
Sensationalizing on /.?! Never!  *Thursday February 21, 2002 @08:52AM 1 2
   attached to Nuclear Mutant Flies Are Good For Africa?
Re:Humor - all-night coding sessions are healthy?  *Monday February 18, 2002 @07:17AM  4, Informative
   attached to Sleep Less, Live Longer
Re:Real Economies  *Thursday February 07, 2002 @07:49AM  2
   attached to Mythic Sued Over Blocking Auctions of Game Tokens
Re:mean versus peak bandwidth  *Tuesday February 05, 2002 @08:03AM 5 2
lawsuit  *Tuesday February 05, 2002 @07:54AM 1 2
   attached to Rogers Cable Plans Fees to Curb Bandwith Hogs
Brings a tear to your eye...  *Monday January 14, 2002 @11:19AM 3 2, Interesting
   attached to The Ultimate S.U.V.
In Toto  *Sunday January 13, 2002 @09:35PM  1
   attached to Review: Orange County
Re:Solving the wrong problem  *Sunday January 13, 2002 @06:50AM  1
   attached to Bridging the Digital Divide with Linux
Re:Hohum  *Wednesday January 09, 2002 @01:13PM 2 2, Informative
   attached to Microsoft Caught Rigging ZD Net Poll
Re:What if AT&T upped your phone bill?  *Friday December 14, 2001 @11:07AM 1 1
   attached to VPN Clients Not Allowed On Residential Service
S-VHS != S-Video  *Friday December 07, 2001 @01:10PM  2, Informative
   attached to Review: ZapStation Media Box
Cheap plane tickets? Wonder why...  *Sunday October 14, 2001 @07:09AM 3 0
   attached to Annual Linux Showcase Free Registration
Re:Fusion != Cold Fusion  *Tuesday October 02, 2001 @12:36PM  1
   attached to British Researchers Say Fusion Is Close
Re:hmm  *Tuesday September 18, 2001 @07:06AM 1 1
   attached to Sun, Philips Push MPEG-4 Up Steep Hill
Re:This will revolutionize strip clubs  *Wednesday August 15, 2001 @11:00AM  3, Funny
   attached to Nanoscale Crystals May Be The Future of Silicon
Re:translation?  *Wednesday August 08, 2001 @08:24AM  1
   attached to Gravitational Repulsion Effect Claimed
Re:Jon: Go for wider publication  *Tuesday July 24, 2001 @08:18AM  1
   attached to Sklyarov's Arrest
Panicking Reactions Meet Net Instant Gratification  *Friday July 06, 2001 @03:24AM  5
   attached to Google Reveals Popular Search Patterns
BBN? The ISP?  *Friday July 06, 2001 @08:15AM  1
   attached to Better Sniper Detection

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