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Comment: Re:Just make it simple (Score 1) 131

by rizole (#47378295) Attached to: Employees Staying Away From Internal Corporate Social Networks
A few years back the civil service had it's own internal twitter clone. It's goal was for Whitehall types to be able to network but in practice it ended up colonised by benefits call centre staff who were stuck at thier pcs and often had time to kill when call volumes lulled. It was some of the most fun I've had at work with memes, running gags, songs of the day, twisted lyrics, mornington crescent, a proper, successful internet community of professional people from accross the UK, largely like minded, legitimately goofing off in down time. It didn't affect my productivity ( I was certainly happier in my crappy job), we kept it clean and within obvious bounds of proper behviour and although we were frowned upon (Freedom of information requests would have shown that this work tool was just social funtime), they couldn't just close us down.

It did get killed in the end after I'd left the service but I'm good friends with many of the people I met there on other social net works.

NOw if you'll excuse me I've the llamas to clean out. #Jelly_baby anyone?

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by rizole (#47217335) Attached to: Physical Media: Down, But Maybe Not Out
OTOH I stopped collecting physical media several years ago and started collecting digital media. Being able to keep it is definately an important part of collecting but I'm not sure whether the physical/digital distinction is more than a preference, whereas the act of collecting is probably a fundamental human trait.

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by rizole (#47172055) Attached to: UK Seeks To Hold Terrorism Trial In Secret
Oh it's surging alright...Only today someone of an Islamic persuasion smiled at me and said good morning! Outrageous!

Then there's this other Muslamic guy I work with and had a perfectly ordinary conversation with where our views differed and he didn't try to convert me or anything!

Surging I tell you, Surging!

Why, at lunch I was in the staff room and there was a mix of people from different cultures and NO ONE mentioned Islam!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!

So you can imagine what a breath of fresh air it was stumbling over your balanced, measured, calm and reasonable post.

We need more of your kind of sanity around here.

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