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Comment Re:Libertarian Utopia (Score 1) 203

The problem with that libertarian idea is that many harms, especially environmental harms are only obvious in the compilations of statistics and it's difficult if not impossible for an individual to show the harms apply to them directly and it's difficult in many cases to assign the harm to a specific cause. The only way to address those sorts of problems is collectively whether you like it or not.

Comment Re:Endlessly Increasing Budgets (Score 1) 203

Why do we assume that all government agencies need an endlessly increasing budget to do their job? Why do we accept endlessly increasing government budgets? We have a kneejerk belief that money fixes everything, but it seems only to bring more corruption, entitlement and fewer freedoms.

The population grows meaning more people to serve. Inflation causes costs to go up. It's true that just throwing money at a problem doesn't necessarily fix it but it's also true that spending too little money on a problem is a sure way to not fix it.

Comment Re: How much will it cost. (Score 1) 397

1,000 km (621 miles) is around 10 hours of driving. That's about as long as I care to spend on the road regardless of where I'm going. Even if you're going to drive longer you're probably going to stop just for a break in the driving where you can add some more charge. If you're driving that far on an IC engine you'll have to stop to fuel up (I know there are a few vehicles that have the range for that but mostly it's trucks with multiple fuel tanks).

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