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Comment: Score 4 Interesting? have you gone crazy /.? (Score 1) 225

by ritlane (#3731026) Attached to: New Technique Makes Most Gene Patents Irrelevant
I'm sorry,
Please look through my past comments, this is not intended to be a troll, but I feel I must say something. The fact that this got moderated up to a score of 4 is pathetic. This text is nothing short of immature, unfounded drivel. Can we please not let such rhetoric become the mouthpiece of our "movement"

The point is that moderation is needed in all things. I'll agree that the current situation is messed up, but that is simply because the pendulum has swung to far in one direction; that of favoring the corporations.

What the above rant states makes no sense... Who are "the evil corporations"? The ability for one to go into business for one's self, and charge whatever you desire for your services is central to the system known as Capitalism.

Furthermore, just where exactly did you pull out your ideas of scientists? There are no research scientists living "lordy lifestyles." There is no such thing as a rock-star scientist. You fail to address the fact that in order to cure cancer, you must spend a lot of money to pay a lot of people to use expensive equipment for a long time. Where would this come from in your "new world" where everyone does what they want for the sheer joy of it (who would clean the toilets in this world BTW)

I don't know which is sadder, the fact that the poster seems to believe that cures for diseases effortlessly appear to scientists who then withhold this information in order to live rock star lives, or the fact that this was modded up.


Each honest calling, each walk of life, has its own elite, its own aristocracy based on excellence of performance. -- James Bryant Conant