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Comment: Re:Siri on other iDevices (Score 1) 233

by risinganger (#38863327) Attached to: Siri Competitor Evi Arrives, But Already Overloaded
I have to disagree and I'll use the 3GS as my example. It came out in June 2009 with iOS 3.0 and it's still being supported in 2012 with iOS 5.0.1. Yes it doesn't have a few features supported, some of which will be, in Apple's mind, to help distinguish products but for the most part shares all the improvements made over two major version updates.

Now take a look at Android handsets. Not Android but the manufacturers that use it. They all have varying support for the latest version of Android with some shipping older versions months after a newer one has been released and many simply not offering updates. I fully admit this isn't up-to-date but here's what I read some time ago (link).

Most manufacturers are sucky in some shape or form, personally I find Apple pretty decent and from my direct experiences better than Nokia and LG.

Comment: Re:Like Android is much better (Score 1) 94

by risinganger (#36911176) Attached to: Sniffer Hijacks SSL Traffic From Unpatched IPhones
This is why I chose the iPhone over others, this being just one example of who mobile users were typically treated pre Apple.

Apple released the 3G in July 2008 and it received iOS updates until November 2010, approximately 6 months after being discontinued so around 2.5 years of support. Compare that to the XPeria X8 mentioned which on release used a one year old OS 1.6, when 2.2 had been out for around half a year and then they assume you should be grateful when they 'upgrade' you to another obsolete version. I'm not saying Apple are as pure as snow but when it comes to mobiles they highlighted most over manufacturers laziness in my mind.

As a 3GS owner I'm told iOS 5, with all sorts of decent enhancements over iOS4, will be available to me. So unless it turns out it's not available to the 8GB version for some odd reason that's a good couple of years support there too. Not one of my previous phones with LG, Samsung or even Nokia received anything like that.

Comment: misleading title on /.? never! (Score 3, Informative) 492

by risinganger (#35441324) Attached to: Safari/MacBook First To Fall At Pwn2Own 2011

Well that headline is misleading at best I'd say. I suggest reading pwn2own day one: Safari, IE8 fall, Chrome unchallenged in which it states that both Safari and IE fell at the first attempt, clearly it was a matter of nothing more than the ordering. Apologies for disturbing all the anti-apple ranting but both systems are weak.
Please feel free to resume posting uninformed comments now.

Comment: Citibank (Score 1) 225

by risinganger (#34484456) Attached to: Malicious Online Retailer Ordered Held Without Bail
Over 100 replies and not one person has commented on the fact that clearly Citibank have crap security procedures. According to the article they first accept somebody claiming to be the credit card holder without authentication and then won't re-open the claim after they've been told they've been suckered. Glad I'm not an account holder with those muppets.

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"