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+ - RealPlayer 11 Is a Real Rip Contender->

Submitted by rishimathew
rishimathew (840263) writes "John P. Mello Jr says: "Sure, there are lots of means out there to capture video from sites like YouTube, Revver, Heavy.com and such. There are programs like WM Recorder and Replay A/V, as well as Web sites like Keepvid.com and Mozilla Firefox add-ons like VideoDownloader. I've tried some of them. Few, though, can match the slick ease of use of RealPlayer 11 — and it isn't even out of beta" http://www.technewsworld.com/story/eKWSRlGVhwPNU9/ RealPlayer-11-Is-a-Real-Rip-Contender.xhtml"
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