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Comment Re: A plea to fuck off. (Score 1) 341 341

Yes - passwords may be sacred cows...and we all know what makes the best burgers.

I use a keyfob for my corp VPN. The form factor is a PITA (the retired the software one due to high manageability cost issues) - but it works. Credit cards are hacked, passwords are hacked - time for something new.

Password managers just help maintain status quo. A "best" solution in an imperfect world. What if those Password "Identity" Managers somehow transferred a secure token - or something radically different?

Submission + - Ford's New Smart Headlights for Tracking Objects at Night->

An anonymous reader writes: Headlights, they have been around since the 1880’s when they were once fueled by oil and then shortly after in 1898 by electricity on the Columbia Electric Car. The basic functionality of the headlight has not changed in 135 years, until now. Ford has announced a new advanced illumination system for your next car that should make driving at night a lot safer. The new headlight system utilizes a standard and infrared camera to detect objects such as animal, pedestrians, or cyclists near the road. The spot lighting system can simultaneously locate and track up to eight people, and large animals up to 12 meters.
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Submission + - How a young child fought off the AIDS virus->

sciencehabit writes: In 1996, a baby infected with HIV at birth was started on anti-AIDS drugs. But at age 6, against the advice of doctors, her family stopped treatment. Twelve years later, the young French woman is still healthy, with no detectable virus in her blood. Her unusual case, reported today at an international AIDS conference in Vancouver, Canada, may hold clues that might help other HIV-infected people control their infections without antiretroviral drugs and offer insights to AIDS vaccine developers.
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Comment Re:So will stacking us vertically (Score 1) 394 394

Patents don't need to be useful - just a protection of ideas.

The middle person has two sets of people staring at them. Yeah fun!

I gotta wonder if somebody else thought of this idea years ago and and canceled the thought themselves with "Yeah - that would be a bad idea" and tossed the design in the circular file.

Submission + - Amnesty International seeks explanation for 'absolutely shocking' surveillance->

Mark Wilson writes: A court recently revealed via email that the UK government had been spying on Amnesty International. GCHQ had put Amnesty under surveillance — despite this having previously been denied — and now the human rights organization wants answers.

In a letter to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Amnesty International asks for an explanation for the surveillance. The Investigatory Powers Tribunal's (IPT) email made it clear that GCHQ had been intercepting, accessing and storing communications, something that Amnesty International's Secretary General, Salil Shetty believes "makes it vividly clear that mass surveillance has gone too far".

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Comment Check Carrier Settings (Score 1) 129 129

I use Verizon Wireless with an iPhone. This gives me two levels of data overage. My philosophy is - I'm paying for 2GB, nothing wrong with using it.

Check with your carrier - I'm sure they all have similar features. Here's what VZW & iOS offers...

First: VZW offers to send me text messages when I get to ~80% and 90% of my monthly usage. Enable that.
Second: iPhone now has "widgets" and VZW created a data usage one. So I can now see a % progress bar in the notification screen.
Third: I've configured my phone and certain apps to only download data on Wifi. App patches, podcast downloads etc. If I want something Now! on cell-data I'll manually pull it.

And finally - VZW stops me if I reach my allotted data plan. I haven't yet maxed it out because I spend most of my time on WiFi. I let photo uploads occur anytime.

There's no harm on my plan for reaching 100% usage...other than data stops.

Submission + - The Multiverse may not be science after all

StartsWithABang writes: A scientific theory needs to meet three criteria: it needs to explain all the successes of the previous leading theory, it needs to explain any failures or shortcomings that its predecessor couldn't, and it needs to make new, testable predictions that can either be falsified or verified. If the Multiverse doesn't meet that third criterion, can it be considered science? A fascinating exploration leads us to conclude that no, perhaps it isn't science after all.

Submission + - Rethinking Security Advisory Severities->

An anonymous reader writes: The recent OpenSSL vulnerability got the internet all hyped up for a security issue that, in the end, turned out to have a very limited impact. This is good news of course, we don't need another Heartbleed. But it begs the question: should security advisories be more clear on the impact and possible ramifications of such a vulnerability, to avoid unnecessary panic?
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Comment Re:Can they bill your email address? (Score 4, Informative) 213 213

I agree - This seems like mistaken identity from a noob. Years ago somebody signed me up for something - but had actually gotten their own email address confused with mine. Rather than --- they used (or something like that). I figured out via Google that there was another ISP with the same name using .au --- so I logged in using the Reset Password, and updated "my" email address to what I thought was the intended one.

And after doing that --- I again pressed the Reset Password button which (hopefully) sent notice to the real user.

Submission + - Hijacked medical devices can leave networks exposed->

alphadogg writes: Hacked medical devices can pose direct dangers to patients but also serve as lairs from which malware finds its way into medical facilities’ networks and persists even after initial attacks have been cleaned up, according to a new report. Because these devices haven’t been designed with security as a priority, they have proven readily hackable. Beyond the immediate risk to patients, compromised connected devices can be used as a way to undermine other devices and steal valuable data, according to a report from TrapX.
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Comment Re:Umm, what? (Score 1) 395 395

This raises a good point. I've had interactions with folks who need me to fax something to them - and I no longer have anything that can fax. The point - there are no Easy replacements for fax.

Sure - I can email a scanned document to somebody. But it isn't easy. A fax - I pop the pages in, tap out a phone number - and bing zzziip-zzziiip it goes. My HP Printer/Scanner required A) my PC to be on, B) put the document up on the screen as a PDF to be saved C) required me to follow whatever email steps my system needed. It isn't all in one package.

If only we all had "phone numbers" instead of email addresses. I could call you, or "fax" you, all negotiated by the device.

But it doesn't exist yet. Voice Mail has a plan B. Texting or Emailing. And for those of us leaving email behind - "Social" media corp websites for collaboration and communication.

Fax is more than voicemail. It was a technology package.

Submission + - Kaspersky Lab Reveals Cyberattack On Its Corporate Network

An anonymous reader writes: In early spring 2015, Kaspersky Lab detected a cyber-intrusion affecting several of its internal systems. Following this finding the company launched an intensive investigation, which led to the discovery of a new malware platform from one of the most skilled threat actors in the APT world: Duqu. The attack exploited zero-day vulnerabilities and after elevating privileges to domain administrator, the malware was spread in the network through MSI files. The attack didn’t leave behind any disk files or change system settings, making detection difficult. Upon discovery, Kaspersky Lab performed an initial security audit and analysis of the attack. The audit included source code verification and checking of the corporate infrastructure. Besides intellectual property theft, no additional indicators of malicious activity were detected.

Comment Re:Stupidity of Leadership (Score 1) 179 179

Yeah! Will they be learning Data Structure, Interrupts vs Polling, Analysis of Algorithms?

Or just how to write code in [Java/C#/Ruby/Swift/Go/Python/Perl/...F#] ?

For me - learning how to type was helpful (no, really). Plus learning how to Execute a program with pencil and paper was useful in understanding how a computer Accomplishes Work. It made me comfortable with computers. Granted I had an IBM PC at home with BASICA on it and a print out of the BIOS. But learning in HS how to write a real program and seeing that it was something to be studied set me up for College.

But - the real skills I've used in my life.... Geometry and Algebra, some Calculus, English Sentence structure, and to otherwise be curious. All of which are considered Electives in a CS degree ;-)

A computer is to me what a hammer & saw are to a carpenter. Understanding Fractions/angles etc are the foundation.

Oh - and one more math skill. Learning how to compute Logarithms by hand. Turns out - the basic algorithm is how a lot of software/CPUs get the job done.

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