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Comment: Dissent (Score 1) 322

by ripragged (#30342136) Attached to: Why Open Source Phones Still Fail
The carriers have Open Source phones on the shelves, all equipped with price tags and UPC codes. They aren't mainstream because not very many people are buying them. The phones lots of people buy are mainstream because lots of people buy them. An over-engineered, fetid, steaming, convoluted pile of logic wrapped around a predetermined conclusion doesn't change the facts. Reality is much simpler than that. Mainstream is what the stupid consumer gets out his wallet for.

Comment: Re:It's mildly shocking... (Score 1) 805

by ripragged (#24206707) Attached to: Apple Files Suit Against Psystar
I didn't mean to post that last as an anonymous coward. I thought I was logged in. Apple strength as "marketing" and cool facade is male bovine excrement. People who promote that myth either don't know what they're talking about, or are deliberately misrepresenting what they know. Meaning: stupid or lying. There is no third option. Technical reviews and popular opinion indicate that the Macintosh user experience is superior to that of other personal computers. Psystar is deliberately violating copyright laws. Apple's lawyers are going to beat up Psystar, steal their milk money, stuff them in their locker, and eat their bologna sandwich. And their orange. It's silly to suppose anything else.

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