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Comment Re: Not a substitute (Score 2) 112

Yes they will and that is a future you need to get to grips with. Now these systems that are tested now will still have a driver on board. They may reduce the regulation on mandatory breaks and maximum working hours, but we are talking 5-10% reduction in workforce. I seriously don't think that any real autonomous car or truck will be fielded any time soon, within the next ten years.

Comment Re:Not a substitute (Score 2) 112

Trains are only efficient if you can get the train full. For example, take mail. For about the same capacity, you can send one train with 7 carriages once a week or one truck every day. Sure the trucks are probably more expensive, but the customer would rather have their book tomorrow morning for a higher fee, than in a week. Trains only work where really large amount of freight is transported from one location to the other and the actual duration of trip is not that important. These are thinks like raw materials, such as coal; a domain where you will also see river barges.

Comment Re:About damn time (Score 2) 112

I once drove a car that was fitted with adaptive cruise control and lane assist. I very rarely needed to do anything, just watch traffic and be ready when the systems disengaged or misbehaved. This system is basically a beefed up version of the combination of the two.

This feels quite like the autopilot on an airplane. You focus on the big picture tasks and don't concentrate on the minute details of flying the airplane. The result is that the pilot is more alert over a longer period of time.

I can see these type of systems work, well before we see fully autonomous cars. The Google cars look interesting, but are a joke if you look at the details and the amount of precise and accurate data that needs to be fed into the system. These systems work of the bat and need little extra data and can rely on nothing but their sensors.

Comment Re:Because it was written in Seastar or C++ (Score 1) 341

learn a proper object oriented language before you write any serious programs

Although I agree with the general gist of your comment; I could not disagree more strongly about learning a "proper object oriented language". I would rather have you learn functional programming than object oriented; but optimally both. The problem is that allot of object oriented code is redundant and bloated, generally stemming from kingdom of the nouns type syndrome. Hybrid languages like C++ or JavaScript are genius in that you can mix functional and object oriented programming to form a concise solution to the problem.

Comment Re:Considering how fast Google ditched China (Score 2) 381

Google is a search engine, it should not be liable to the content it indexes. The "right to be forgotten" as applies to say Facebook makes sense, if you close your account you have the right that all content about you and of you is deleted. What google is handling is not data about people, it's data about publicly available web sites. If a news outlet reports falsely about you, bring it up to them (slander and libel laws). But articles that are truthful a few years in the past should not be magically delisted.

Comment Re:PMP is a worthwhile certification (Score 1) 118

Getting training is not the same as certification. Yes if you want to become a project manager, training is a good idea; but that is true for all field of work. The certification on the other hand is in my opinion nonsense. Basically all certification proves that you where able to sit down and learn the answers to a set of possible questions. It does not convey any skill in actually performing the task.

Comment Re:makes no sense to me (Score 4, Informative) 536

The interesting thing and lack of basic reasoning skills comes from the fact that Dr. Richardson apparently can only picture sex robots as being a simulacrum of the female gender. Although I don't have hard numbers at hand, I read in an interview with the Real Doll creator, that the male gender did sell almost as well as their female gendered dolls. The kicker is that most dolls were soled with the swap-able genitalia and both genitalia. If we see a usable sex robot any time soon, you can rest assured that it will probably come in both gendered versions.

But no, let's make this about women and how they are objectified.

Comment Re:Drone hobbyists redefine "close call" (Score 1) 124

AND that is what TFA sais. In 3.5% of all reports, the incident was classified as a NMAC (near mid air collision). The remainder of the reports where either air space violations, flying above 500 ft AGL in C or B airspace (5 nm from an Airport), incidents with military drones, that have a special FAA permission or vague reports that my not have been a drone at all, like a "drone" at 51,000 ft.

The only thing the hobbyist are pointing out is that the report appears to be way worse than it actually is.

Comment Re: Well now Patrick will have to make a change (Score 1) 135

I liked LILO, because of the simple fact that is was so much simpler than GRUB. If you are booting a single partition system (plus swap) from ext3, there is not much wizbang you need. But then I also just use what the distro uses by default, since it works out of the box.

nohup rm -fr /&